10 Best Family Activities To Do In Bali

10 Best Family Activities To Do In Bali

Discover colourful and unique destinations, experience local life, spot wildlife while the sun warms up your skin.

Create long-lasting memories on a family adventure holidays in Bali! Imagine your children protesting you as you wake them up in the early morning but then screaming they do not want to go home as you bring them out to a great adventure or your partner gasps at the exotic plants and animals in the zoo. An adventure offers an escape from the pressures and a family moment, so why not make it? Here is the to-go list in Bali. A long-lasting beautiful memory is about to begin.

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Say ‘Hi’ to the exotic animals! The Bali Safari & Marine Park is a full day outing crammed with excitement. We even recommend you come back another day since there are so many great ‘packages’, the Safari Journey, the Elephant Back Safari, Bali Agung Show, Night Safari, and Waterpark & Funzone. The Bali Safari & Marine Park has two featured products to stay in this area called Mara River Safari Lodge and the Tsavo Lion restaurant for ‘feeding time’ for the family. It is important to decide what you want to do with your family, it really helps you to choose which package. The Safari Journey is a basic package to see the wildlife living in beautifully natural habitat settings from an air conditioned safari tram. The Night Safari is quite the same as the Safari Journey only in the night, plus getting up close and personal with the animals, a chance to watch the fire dance, drumming and puppet show. See the theatrical performances in Bali Agung show if you want to know more about Bali’s culture. And oh, do not miss a chance to get a ride on the Elephant’s back in Elephant Safari. Bring your bathers; jump in to its Waterpark & Funzone. Everyone’s gets tempting and passionate in here, so have fun!



Source: Bali Bird Park

Once in your life will never enough to visit the two hectares of fine tropical gardens in Batubulan village, Gianyar. The Bali Bird and Reptile Park is a perfect place to go for a family outing. An attractive playground with hundreds of different bird species everywhere in the park grounds, tree perches, just everywhere! Wait, did we mention the reptiles? Yes, you can find the giant Komodo dragon on display, with the other specimens of reptiles including pythons, lizards, geckos, turtles and many more. Get your kids screaming with the excitement at touching the birds, feeding the animals and viewing open displays of the tame species. Having a day in Bali Bird Park will leave a great experience in your children’s heart.



source: Waterbom Kuta

Everyone loves a water park, especially one that has over 16 slides and attractions. Try the fantastic Waterbom in Kuta, Bali. This site is built to satisfy the most fanatical ‘water parker’. Judged the 2nd best waterpark in the world, Waterbom Kuta offers you terrific choice of slides, attractions and facilities. Clean water with nice temperature is going to make you not want to leave. The kid’s zone is amazing, your little ones will love it so much, we guarantee! For every attraction, you will pay excluded from the entrance fee. The good thing is that the Waterbom provides a Velcro bracelet to save your cash from water. The lazy river is also a blast for a family; set up as river it flows around the park through the jungle and monkey temples. Sit in a tube and let the river carry you away. It feels so cozy.



source: Canggu Club

Get ready to enjoy the awesome Canggu Club because it offers you almost limitless entertainment including Splash Water Park, Cubby House Kid’s Club, Bounce Indoor Trampoline and Strike 10 Pin Bowling. Try and fit it all in because you are going to be really sad leaving at closing time. It really has something for everyone. Start with the Splash Water Park, a stylish water attraction and perfect to feel the warm soft sun in the morning. Get on the sliding Speed-Racer slide and ride the Giant Racer, a 90 meter-long water slide to push your adrenaline to the ‘max’. The swinging rope is perfect for the kiddies, with watchful supervision from trained lifeguards. Have some private time for you and your lover and send the kids to the Cubby House Kid’s Club. It is a highly entertaining place with indoor and outdoor space for the kids to explore their creativity, imagination, and energy of playing and laughing. The fun hasn’t stopped yet, next up is the Bounce Indoor Trampoline where you can have lots of fun with your family. Last but not least, visit the Strike 10 Pin Bowling to finish your visit in Canggu Club. Make sure you try them all!



source: High Flyers Bali

Have you ever imagined how much fun it is being a circus performer? Try the High Flyers Bali, it offers you a unique opportunity to get a class in high flyers trapeze. Believe us, it is really fun for you and your family. It will be something your family remembers forever. Imagine you hanging from your knees, swinging on the trapeze in the air and being caught by the professional staff, does not it sound super coolio? In High Flyers Bali, this experience is super safe and the staff are well-trained. Nothing to worry about while you happily develop an incredible new skill.



source Bali Tree Top Adventure Park

Outbound is always a great choice for bonding. In Bali, you can have the best thrilling excitement in Bali Tree Top Adventure Park. This open air ground provides you a choice of 7 adventure circuits, 72 challenges and 12 flying foxes. It is fit for 4-70 year olds with a maximum weight of 120 kg. The circuit has been divided to 7 different challenges based on age. The most impressive attraction is the flying fox; it will blow your mind. Do not worry about the safety because the Bali Tree Top Adventure Park puts a high priority in it, plus the instructors are well-trained and so helpful.



source: Pirate Bay Nusa Dua

Pirates Bay Nusa Dua is an awesome place with a Pirates theme with an amazing outdoor playground for kids and a romantic beach. As you know, the Nusa Dua beach is known for its beauty. What a perfect place to go: nice food, excellent cocktails, beautiful location with a sea view from the treehouse. Enjoy being alone with your lover while the kiddies play in the playground. Your kids will love the nice outdoor playground because it offers some great activities including hunting, camping, kite making and cooking PLUS they will love the pirate’s costumes which are rented here. Don’t say you have been to Bali if you didn’t leave your footsteps in here!

The Lovina Waterpark North Bali Adventures is a perfect place to play in the water. It is located about 15 minutes to the west of Lovina, Bali. It is an affordable and a fun place to take the kids. The Lovina Waterpark North Bali Adventures has several slides and 4 pools to enjoy. Take a dip in the water and feel the water warmed by the sun on your skin. You can also rent big tires to float under the sun with.



source: Leo Bali Sport

If you crave the excitement of water sports, this place is perfect for you. Tanjung Benoa is one of the best places in Bali that offers a variety of water sports. The local government seems to have built this beach for an integrated water attraction site. Tanjung Benoa offers you 12 water sports including Flying Board, Rolling Donut, Flying Fish, Banana Boat, Snorkeling, Sea Walker, Parasailing, Wakeboarding, Waterski, Jetski, Scubadiving and Glass Bottom Boat & Pulau Penyu. You could spend a few days trying all the attractions, and your family will still demand to keep coming back 😉



source: Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism is a popular destination in Ubud. This attraction introduces the Luwak Coffee (Civet Coffee) demonstrating the process of making the civet coffee from planting, harvesting, preparing, roasting until a cup of coffee is ready to be served. This visit gives a good knowledge of making civet coffee for your kids and also for you. Besides witnessing the modern process, you can also try to roast the coffee beans with the traditional local flame method. After seeing the coffee making, you can have a walk around the green lush, beautiful landscape. At the end of the tour, you can stop by the shop that sells souvenirs and let your family enjoy a cup of coffee while seeing a nice panorama of refreshing surroundings.

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