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5 Bali’s Surfing Competition You Should “Go-To”

So you have stayed in Bali for months now. Ever since you’ve learned how to paddle and pop-up, never a day left without you surfing. Now you’ve got the tan, you’ve spoken surf slangs, and you’ve known by heart every twist and turn of all surf spots on the island; you’ve ridden all breaks and barrels. You can even do the Gangnam-style dance while riding a fast-moving barrel; you You surf like a pro now. Or at least you think so. Then perhaps it’s the best time for you to consider joining one of these 5 must “go-to” Bali’s
surfing competitions.

Billabong Bloodlines Bali

First things first: No matter how advanced your surfing skill is, it’d be pretty hard for you to join this competition if you had already left your teenage years because… it is only for the blooming junior athletes (10 to 16 years old). Offering IDR2.000.000-worth voucher for the winner of each series, it’s obvious that this contest is not a gold mine. Rather, Billabong Bloodlines Bali which was formerly known as Billabong Grommet Attack shows the vendor’s commitment to the development of junior surfers skills. If you think you are too old for this event, you can always
come to the beach and watch the next Jim Banks riding waves. So don’t forget to mark your calendar; this years’ series are gonna be held around July-September.

Video Footage: Billabong

The Hurley Bingin Open

The Hurley Bingin Open which is held by Bingin Boardriders every October provides six categories: under 14, under 16, women’s, master’s, pro junior, and open. Thanks to the perfect waves of Bingin Beach, last year’s event successfully attracted no less than two hundred competitors from all around the world, all of whom attempted to snatch alluring prices such as a free surfing trip to the majestic Mentawai Islands. Interesting, isn’t it? And perhaps The Hurley Bingin Open’s gonna be the door for you to enter the realm of pro-surfing.

Video courtesy: Hurley

Quiksilver Uluwatu Challenge

“Uluwatu is the best wave in Bali,” admitted Mark Richards in an interview with asiansurfingtour.com. Situated on the southwestern tip of Bukit Peninsula, a little bit far from the crowded Kuta (especially by foot), the waves of Uluwatu only summons persistent surfers… who can navigate their way to the remote Uluwatu. Providing 40 slots of competitors, Quiksilver Uluwatu Challenge invites those stubborn surfers to prove themselves to be the most capable of riding the legendary swells of the legendary surf location. As a part of the annual Bali’s Big Eco Weekend Event, Quiksilver Uluwatu Challenge is also a campaign to keep Bali beaches clean.

Video courtesy: Quiksilver

The Mad Hueys Komune Bali Pro

As the name suggests, only professional surfers compete on The Mad Hueys Komune Bali Pro, which has been held annually since four years ago. If you are a seasoned surfer with less desire at all to climb your way up to the elite group of surfers in World Surf League (WSL), it’d be a waste for you to join this high-level competition. Why? Because Komune Bali Pro is one of the WSL’s qualifying series. Well now just grab a bottle of beer and watch the pros sliding their way through the fast, barrelling waves of its venue: Keramas Beach.

Video presented by The Mad Hueys

Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang

Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang’s on when it’s on. It’s like a superan ultra exclusive night club. Unless your name is written on the invitation list, the door keeper will never let you in. Held annually during the best surfing season in Padang Padang Beach (around July to August) since more than ten years ago, Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang only invites the best surfers on the surf scene. This year’s event calls renowned pros such as Tom Curren, Mason Ho, Damien Hobgood, Rizal Tandjung, Mega Semadhi, and Pepen Hendrik. Watching the best surfers on Earth dancing their way through the barrelling waves of Padang Padang Beach would be a life-changing experience for emerging surfers like you. Who knows next year your name is on the invitation list!

Video by Rip Curl

Text by: Fuji Adriza

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