5 unique staying experience in Bali that You can actually afford

Well, these 5 place definitely aim to make sleeping a unique experience. While it may not be what immediately comes to mind when you think of a “typical tropical vacation”, we guarantee that you’ll want to tell your friends about these offbeat “sleeping experiences”

1. Hipsters favorite accommodation

Hideout is a unique eco stay for adventurous travelers, located in the middle of Bali forest. All-bamboo house is situated at beautiful riverside among rice fields. Get off the grid and experience authentic life of Balinese village.Looking to tap into your creative side? The Hideout comes complete with books, nine musical instruments (including a quick guide how to play ukulele!), art supplies, board games, and a yoga mat. The view from the house is focused directly on one of the most sacred places around, called Campuhan; Campuhan is Balinese for a place where two rivers meet. It serves as a source of holy water for ceremonies and cleansing the body and spirit.

HIDEOUT BALI – Eco Bamboo Home
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2.  The most scenic camping spots in the island 

Bukit Asah is a beautiful plateau scenery, located in Bugbug Village, Karangasem Regency. It takes you two hours’ to drive from Kuta. Bukit means hill and asah mean flat. So, in general, it means a plateau on a hill. The deep blue sea, the shore, grey hills, green grass, some trees, blue sky, the breeze, and tranquillity would give you an instant peace of mind.Sitting on the hill and having mini picnic with friends would be a great idea. You can enjoy the view and stay overnight at the campsite area.
You don’t need to bring your camping gear because the tent and sleeping bag are available for rent. Go to the only warung there and ask for it. Cost would be +/- Rp. 100.000 – Rp. 120.000. The tent would fit for 4 people. JUST don’t forget to clean up, take your rubbish away with you and leave nothing but a beautiful memory.


Bukit Asah BugBug
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3. Safari Tropical Stay

Capturing the ambiance and authenticity of the African wilderness, Mara River Safari Lodge is a themed resort in Bali Safari & Marine Park that offers a truly unique experience. Accommodation is composed of a series of comfortably appointed thatched dwellings orientated towards a landscape inhabited by wildlife. Peek through your window or relax to the African savannah where Chapman Zebras, Oryxes, Wildebeest, & White Rhinos are roaming freely below while enjoying the stunning Balinese sunset.

Mara River Safari Lodge
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4. Sleeping inside the bubble

“Bubble Hotel” is located in a gorgeous secret place! Take just your overnight essentials and enjoy breathtaking views of the 20-30 min nature walk down the beautiful cliff trail to the bubble’s beach location.Once you reach the destination you will see an absolutely incredible beach with white soft sand. And the best thing: almost nobody around! This is a true adventure.  If you also wish to connect with nature and share it with your beloved or your friends, you will definitely love it!

Bubble Hotel Bali
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5. That Insta-Famous Swing 

This truly unique Zen hideaway is a gorgeous riverfront 2-level wood house located 20 minutes drive from Ubud, An unassuming hilly village called Bongkasa is drawing tourists with one very specific attraction—a swing that soars over a dense jungle of palm trees.

This 150-year-old teak house was constructed and redesigned by its Japanese Zen master owner for his practices in chic yet rustic wabi-sabi aesthetic.

Zen Hideaway
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