9 Bali’s Most Iconic Surf Spots You Must “Go To”

/9 Bali’s Most Iconic Surf Spots You Must “Go To”

9 Bali’s Most Iconic Surf Spots You Must “Go To”

As one of the surf capital of the world, Bali has at least fifty known-surf spots which you can choose depending on your level of skill. Some of them are left handed and some others are right. There are spots for the dry season, and there are others suitable for the wet season.

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Here’s 9 Bali’s most iconic surf spots you must “go to.”


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Though the wave is relatively friendly that any creature with a surfboard and gut can surf, this beach is iconic because this is where the surf epoch of Bali started around the first half of the 20th century. This is also home to many surf schools where beginners can learn how to paddle and pop-up. Tired of riding the waves, take a break and chill yourself by drinking a can of cold beer as there are many stalls selling cold drinks and foods.

Padang – Padang

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Padang-Padang was once only a remote beach in Bukit Peninsula, adorned by limestone boulders and guarded by scenic cliffs. It became popular after Michael Learns to Rock shot one of their video clips here. Accommodating all range of skills (Padang-Padang Left for beginners, Padang-Padang Right for advanced surfers), Padang-Padang is where you have to go next after finishing your surf lessons in Kuta.


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Standing by the edge of Uluwatu cliff, you’d think that you were at the world’s end. But when you look down and see that there are people nonchalantly paddling their surfboards on shoal waters, you’ll realize that it’s not.Consisting of five surf spots (The Peak, Racetrack, Outside Corner, Temples, and the Bombie), Uluwatu shoreline only accommodates advanced surfers whose bodies have become one with their surfboards.


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When surfing in Balian Beach, you will get the sense that you are surfing in Kuta in the 70’s. Located in a remote village in Tabanan Regency, one and a half hour drive from Kuta, Balian only exists in surfers’ address books. No convenience stores, no chic clubs, only you and mother nature… and some other people. Though there’s no big swell here, you have to be aware since there are a lot of water movements which sometimes can be dangerous. Consider wearing booties because the seabed is rocky

Nyang – Nyang

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Nyang-Nyang is three doors down from the legendary Uluwatu. Make sure you have enough skill to be baptized as an advanced surfer before riding Nyang-Nyang wave since there are strong rips and plenty of sea life underwater; an awkward movement can potentially harm you and tiny little creatures swimming in the ocean.

Green Bowl

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Though quiet and deserted, Green Bowl Beach in Jimbaran has one of the strongest currents in Bali. (It looks like the beach allocates most of its energy to the sea current.) Jagged reefs and the strong currents make the beach only suitable for the advanced surfers. If you’re just beginning to paddle your board, please kindly sit on the sands and watch the pros dancing on the breaks.


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Only advanced surfers can handle the left-hand break of Impossibles. Besides, the wave is pretty high, ranging from 4 to 8 feet. Located between Bingin Beach and Padang-Padang Beach in Bukit Peninsula, it used to be impossible to reach this place. But as time went by, the condition improved. Now when the access is getting better, the name lingers: Impossibles.


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Forty-five minutes away from Denpasar, the right-handed Keramas Beach challenges intermediate to advanced surfers to ride its fast, barrelling wave. Unlike most of the surf spots which will be messy in the wet season, the breaks of Keramas Beach will even be more interesting when the rain falls all the time. Since it is quiet, it is nice to just sit on the sands listening to the splashing waves when you don’t feel like surfing.


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Who doesn’t know Canggu? It has become popular since several years ago. Once a quiet, overlooked region, it is now getting packed each day. Now it is full of pubs and cafes where you can have a pint or two of cold Bintang. Besides pubs and cafes, there are also several surf spots around Canggu, such as Echo Beach, Berawa Beach, and Old Man’s (Batu Bolong Beach), which cater beginners to intermediates. Surfing all day long and having cold beers in the night is not bad at all to spend your days in Canggu, isn’t it?


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