Bali’s Adventure Series: Cultural Heritage in North Bali

Bali is not only about sun, sand, and sea. It is also about magnificent cultural heritage. This adventure will take and immerse you in the beauty of Balinese historical and beautiful landscape in Buleleng, North Bali! Ready to get in awe?

1. Lake Tamblingan
Lake Tamblingan is a caldera in Buleleng Regency that is surrounded by ancient Balinese temples and lush forest sceneries. Can you imagine how beautiful it is? This place is designated as a spiritual tourism area and the best time to visit is at the break of dawn. Take a deep breath of fresh air and witness the beautiful morning mist in magical Lake Tamblingan!

2. Brahmavihara-Arama Buddhist Monastery
Brahmavihara-Arama is Bali’s largest Buddhist Monastery located up in the hills at Banjar Tegeha, Buleleng. The monastery open 1970 with numerous meditation rooms that are used for self-cultivation and a place for one to find inner peace. With the beautiful gardens and buildings, Brahmavihara-Arama Buddhist Monastery is more than an impressive mini replica of the world’s largest Buddhist archaeological site Borobudur Temple. This place offers you both sightseeing and self-reflection moment.

3. Buleleng’s Endek Fabrics
Balinese Endek is one of the most popular textiles on the island. It can represent a person’s social status and worn by the Balinese in every religious ritual and special occasions. The making of Endek takes love, patience, and dedication. Nowadays, there are not many hand-made Endek anymore since many printed Endek is being produced.

4. Buleleng Festival
It’s the annual festival in North Bali you can not miss! The event is held to showcase North Bali’s beautiful arts, dances, culinary, local industries and musical performances. The must-visit festival while you visit Bali!

5. Beji Temple
Beji Temple is large and beautiful temple complex in the North of Bali that was built in the 15th Century to worship the fertility goddess “Dewi Sri”. With mesmerizing architecture in the middle of natural splendor, it’s a perfect spot for every art lover out there.

What more would you like to see from North Bali?