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Best Crispy Duck You Can Find in Bali

If you are craving for one of Bali’s most popular dishes, the crispy duck, then you should add these places to your must ‘go-to’ list.

Bali offers a wide choice of dining, Western cuisine, Asian cuisine, Indonesian cuisine, and, of course, the best local dishes are all available. These are the best spots for enjoying the local cuisine. All of them offer a fine view, experience and, of course, sensational taste.

featured image by Taman Bebek Hita

The authentic Balinese Duck at Taman Bebek Hita, Amed

If you love duck, then this is for you featuring the authentic Balinese crispy duck recipe. The crispy duck is served fresh, with crispy skin, tender meat, tasty seasoning, and so~ Bali. The duck is marinated in Balinese traditional spices and served with rice or potato chips. This will be so much worthy with its Bali sambal and garlic sauce. This mouth-watering menu will tempt you even more with its beautiful presentation.


Along with the crispy duck the original Ayam Bumbu Bali is also featured on the menu, along with a wide choice including barbecued calamari, prawn, and sate lilit. For vegetarians, there are various fresh choices as well.

The staff are friendly and the feeling of the place is ‘homey’ and family like.

Having your lunch and dinner here, you will be spoilt with the surrounding beautiful scenery and you can choose to dine downstairs or upstairs with an open terrace and sunset view to greet the evening.

Have a great meal in Amed!

Bunutan, Abang, Karangasem Regency, Bali 80852
(+62) 363 430 1528
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Crispy and Crunchy to the Bone Duck at Bebek Bengil

This restaurant was established in 1990. Since then, the regular customers have stayed loyal to its iconic menu, the original crispy duck – bebek bengil.

The duck meat is dipped into the original family seasoning recipe for hours before being steamed. When it is ready, it is then fried and served in a very appealing presentation.

Photo courtesy of Qraved

All you can taste is crispy and crunchy skin with amazingly tender meat. And, you don’t want to miss a bite since it is seasoned so well and delicious. No wonder lots of customers say how wonderfully well this dish matches with its sambal matah.

The duck meat itself is carefully selected from the best to produce the most favorable taste.

Other than the original crispy duck, Bebek Bengil Restaurant offers various original poultry choices on the menu. Vegetarians are well catered for with delicious choices including vegetarian nasi campur. Some tasty seafood, yummy desserts, and a wide selection of drinks are also available.

Even more special is they will take a special order for Balinese smoked duck and Balinese smoked chicken. To be able to enjoy these unique dishes, all you need to do is book them one day in advance. Hmm… tempting!

The restaurant itself is beautifully set up on wide grounds surrounded by paddy fields. You can enjoy your meal surrounded by the beautiful view of the fresh, green rice field.

Jl. Hanoman | Padang Tegal, Ubud, Indonesia
(+62)361 975489
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The Art of Eating Duck at Bebek Tepi Sawah

If you seek a wide range of selected cuisine – western, Indonesian, and Balinese specialities – then you might want to try the menu offered by Bebek Tepi Sawah.

The restaurant offers you their iconic dish, crispy duck, which gives the restaurant its name. It is served beautifully with white rice, fresh vegetables and long beans, coconut milk sauce, and a few slices of orange. Once you take a bite, the duck skin tastes so crispy and tasty. It just has the perfect taste to delight the taste buds. It has tender meat with this luscious seasoning you can enjoy till the last piece of bone. There are three types of sambal – sambal matah, sambal goring embe, sambal ulek which are very popular and perfectly match the crispy duck menu.

Photo courtesy of Jibril Rian

There are also various choices for poultry and numerous selections of soup, vegetarian, Indonesian, Asian, Western, desserts, cakes, juices, and even more.

Surrounded by the green rice fields, the location is very clean, fresh, and cozy. Another specialty of this restaurant is that they entertain you with a classic traditional dance performance every Sunday.

Jl. Raya Goa Gajah, Br Teges, Peliatan, Ubud
(+62)361 975656
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Luscious Hideaway Restaurant Lake Leke

With a classy and traditional feeling with a shady ambiance, eating can’t be comfier than this. Located behind the Monkey Forest Temple, it literally can be called a hideaway restaurant. It creates a Bali village theme with the gazebos scattered around and surrounded by rice fields.

Once you step inside, it feels beautiful, shady, and cozy.

Photo courtesy of

Along with the beautiful location and decoration, you can enjoy their signature dish – crispy duck. The crispy duck is well cooked with the best seasoning created to suit your taste. It offers you the tasty, crispy, and tender cooked duck. This popular crispy duck tastes better when you match it with its chili sauce, sambal matah. Perfection.

Order their crispy duck complete with their popular drink, a mix of lemongrass, ginger, and honey. It is warm and refreshing.

There is more than enough on the menu to entice you to come here more than just once.

Jl. Nyuh Kuning No.32, MAS, Ubud
(+62)361 977565
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Casual Dining, Cheap yet Tasty at Warung Pregina

Warung Pregina,located in Sanur, offers you the experience of casual dining while experiencing original Balinese food. Once you step inside, you will experience the homey and comfy feeling. The decoration is pretty classic with wooden furniture. It feels so ‘countryside’ and nostalgic with pictures of ‘past Bali’ displayed on the wall.

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If you are duck lover, there is a wide choice with Bebek Goreng (crispy duck) and Bebek Kuah (duck stew) the best sellers. Both are well—cooked and seasoned very well. If you ordered that crispy duck, you can taste the yummy seasoning come from the cook. All of the ingredients are fresh.

Warung Pregina also provides some more choices based on seafood and more authentic Bali foods. All of them are served in a style that will lure you to come again and again to taste everything.

Jalan Danau Tamblingan No. 106, Sanur,
(+62)361 283353
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A Culinary tour in Bali is unlimited and it is never enough for you to try only once.

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