Useful tips for you beginners who want to surf Bali’s waves

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Useful tips for you beginners who want to surf Bali’s waves

Everyone who goes to Bali knows that Surfing is one of today’s dominant culture of Bali. The Island is home to one of the best waves you can find in the world. Travellers flocked to Bali to see its unique culture, pristine beaches as well as trying many of the ocean activities that Bali has to offer. The most popular one, Surfing. Before you plan to start jumping in the ocean and have a surf session, below are some useful tips to know about surfing in Bali as a beginner.

Know where to go
Bali has many different kind of waves for all levels. If you are a beginner or just starting to learn surfing, you want to surf at specific locations that are known to be the spot for novices. Places such as Kuta, Seminyak, and Legian beach are perfect for learning due to its relatively mellow waves and sandy bottoms.


Learn the proper way
If you are about to start learning surfing, its best to do it the right way—step by step learning. Bali is full of surf schools that are made to show you all about surfing from the very basic. Another alternative, is to get a surf lesson from the beach boys renting surfboards at the beach. They will teach and come with you to the ocean.

Get the right equipment
Different boards are made for different levels. If you are starting out, it is recommended to use a ‘soft top’ boards. This is a long board where the materials are made from soft foam, in effect is safer to use as it can prevent harsh injuries from contact with the board.


Ask the local and know the surf etiquette
One wave, one person. That is the most basic sense for surfing. Due to the increasing tourists and surfers coming to Bali, the famous spots are usually crowded. Ask the locals for some tips and be friendly. When you are going to a new spot, watch and learn the line ups. Do not jump in and take the waves straight away. Don’t drop in on other people (take a wave from someone who is already riding it). There have been some unfortunate cases of injuries due to this. The person standing first have the right to the wave. Be patient, you will get your turn.

Have Fun
No matter what you do and where you are, if you’re not having fun, it’s not worth it. Always remember that awesome quote by Phil Edwards: “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”


Author: Tim Driessen

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  1. Surfboards July 25, 2017 at 12:27 pm - Reply

    A great school in Bali will teach to take off on the first wave but it will take some perseverance, practice and some strength to make it happen.

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