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The inspiration behind Makepung is the act of carrying harvest to each farmer’s house. Every farmer rides a cart that is carried by a pair of water buffaloes. With this, Jembrana Cup is created; it is the tradition of racing each other’s cart on their way to trice fields.

Similar to Makepung Race Bupati Cup, Jembrana Cup is also a part of the highly celebrated Makepung Festival. This is the long-awaited day of Makepung Buffalo Race in Jembrana, where racers flaunt their carts, completed with colorful attributes and typical Balinese ornaments.

You’ll get to watch hundred of pairs of buffaloes teaming together with their jockeys. Better known as the time for “buffalo fashion show,” you’ll capture amazingly rare, once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Photo Courtesy of Bali Plus