Bali is known for its famous beaches and you might think there are no more hidden beaches left in Bali as almost everyone already know every beach in here. But, if you are looking for a new adventure to find the isolated, quiet, and far from crowd beach, the list below is for you!

1. Bingin Beach

A reason why Bingin Beach is included as a hidden beach in South Bali is because it’s relatively hard to find. But once you find the beach, you’ll get treated by the gorgeous chilled out vibe. There are some great cafes along the cliffside too, making it perfect for weekend relaxing time. If you are into surfing, the waves here are perfect for surfers that are looking for a challenge.

2. Kubu Beach

Kubu Beach is located next to Ayana Resort Jimbaran. You will get a little adventure finding the beach since it is a relatively new discovered beach. From the parking area, you need to hike and trek for about 30 minutes through woods, swamp and rocks until you see the beach area. But the views are totally worth it! This beach is popular for its natural formation of arc as the photo has become famous in social media. What a sight it is!

3. Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang beach, located in the Pecatu area, is pristine of white sand and lined by a towering green cliff. If you are looking for some solitude, this secluded beach is perfect since it’s far from the crowds. You will get a little journey from the parking area to the beach by trekking down the rugged terrain. But worry not, the journey is rewarded by splendid views that you’ll find in no other places.


4. Gunung Payung Beach


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Gunung Payung Beach, once known as Secret Beach, is just an hour’s drive away from Denpasar. It is a remote and quiet setting overlooking stunning seascapes that offers powder white sands, warm tropical waters, and a lush green backdrop. The natural reefs barriers here also mean calm and swimmable waters most of the time. Must visit the beach!


5. Thomas Beach

Thomas Beach is one of the quietest beaches in Bukit. Its secluded strip of white sand beach, rolling turquoise waves, and shady beach umbrellas are making it a perfect spot for a day of swimming. From the parking area you need a short 10 minute walk down the steps to reach the shoreline. You’ll most likely get to enjoy the beach almost to yourself since it’s quite an underrated beach in the Southern area.


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