Since your belly doesn’t wear the watch and doesn’t have the calendar, it knows nothing about time. So it is natural that it can get hungry anytime, including at midnight. In most of the other regions, perhaps it is gonna be hard to find a place to eat in the middle of the night. But in Bali, it is no problem at all. There are a lot of places where you can soothe your belly during the night, such as these five culinary spots:

Babi Guling Slingsing Bu Suci

The only flaw of Babi Guling Slingsing Bu Suci is its location. It is situated in Tabanan (Jalan Cempaka No. 901), quite far from the tourist scenes of South Bali. But the distance you have to cover is nothing compared to the taste you will experience. The rumour has it that so far it is the best babi guling on the island. The flavour is so authentic that after having a bite of this babi guling you are going to be overwhelmed with joy. It opens from the dusk till after midnight.

Babi Guling Jero Kawan

If the problem of getting to Babi Guling Slingsing is the distance, that of Jero Kawan is the traffic. Sometimes, on the way to Babi Guling Jero Kawan, you will encounter heavy traffic. (Usually a couple of hours before the dusk.) But if you go there around midnight you will not have too many competitions. Open from 4 pm to the early am, it is quite popular among the locals and often packed during dinner time. Babi Guling Jero Kawan is located on Jalan Raya Munggu No. 6, Mengwi.

Warung Men Rembang

This warung caters the nightcrawlers who happen to be in Sanur around midnight. It serves the Balinese standard dishes, namely nasi campur Bali and bubur Bali. The good thing is you will spend an insignificant amount of money as the foods here are cheap. Find Warung Men Rembang on Jalan Delod Peken No. 3, Intaran, Sanur.

Warung Lawar Kodi

Packed with the locals, Warung Lawar Kodi is where you should go if you are hungry at midnight but still want to taste some wonderful local culinary. Warung Lawar Kodi offers the authentic, strong-tasted Balinese delicacies. One thing you should know about this warung is that it is rather hard to find as it perches on a small alley (Gang Harum No. 10, Jalan Sekuta, Sanur). But if you use your GPS wisely, there won’t be any problems at all to find this place. It opens from 6 pm.

Warung Balung Tuban

Usually closing after 1 am, Warung Balung Tuban is another local’s favourite to eat around midnight. It offers a rather unique traditional food, namely pork-rib soup. Of course, it uses the tasty Balinese traditional seasonings.

It is quite easy to get to Warung Balung Tuban. All you have to do is finding a way to Jalan Raya Tuban No. 39 Kuta.

See? There’s nothing to worry about when you are hungry at midnight in Bali, isn’t it?