Join these online classes lo level up your skills! Along with the growing co-19 cases, the government asked us to take precautions by self-quarantine. Well, for those of you who are staying at home or work from home, there must be a moment to get bored. There are many things you can do while staying at home, you can upgrade your skills by joining online classes. Here we suggest 5 online classes that you don’t want to miss!


Online Painting Class

Deepen your hobby or just enhance your knowledge without leaving the house just by joining free online classes at Bartega Studio. This online class will be held live on Instagram. Get 4 tutorials in a week, and all you need is prepare 3-4 brushes of different sizes, acrylic paint, and canvas. Don’t worry, if you don’t have it all, you can buy it online directly at Bartega Studio.


Online Sewing, Barista and Bartender Class

Monaco International Academy Bali offers online class registrations ranging from sewing classes, fashion designer, barista classes to bartender classes. Every student will be guided by one instructor. You only need equipment according to what online class you are taking. The class will be done through a live video call Whatsapp or Zoom application. To register just contact this WA number 081236750168


Live streaming meditation


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May all beings be happy. Start a new chapter in the new year with Usada Tapa Brata 1 health meditation from @BaliUsada at Forest Island, Baturiti. 7 days 6 nights. Far from noise. No handphone. No talking to people. No reading. No writing. No daydreaming. Fill the day with health meditation. Silence in silence. Entering to the deepest soul. And so, this is what I get from health meditation; I learned to accept, soften and let go… also, deepen love, achieve harmonious mind (concentration, mindfulness, loving-kindness, wisdom) and live happily. ANICCA : Impermanent, in process constantly, changing all the time. This is not related to any religion. And I really enjoyed noble silence Usada Tapa Brata 1, and hopefully I can continue my meditation everyday, to nourish the body and calm the mind. Thank You Pak Merta Ada, Thank You Pak Korma, Thank You Pak Sueca. May all beings be happy.

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Bali Usada has a Meditation From Home program called Pra-ODL (One Day Learning). There are three sessions you can take where each session consists of lectures and exercises. You will be guided by the main teacher from Bali Usada, Mr. Merta Ada through basic health meditation video. After completing all three sessions, you have to register for 4 & 5 sessions, follow the live streaming exercise on the Mixlr application every day and meditate independently. Visit Bali Usada’s website for more information.


Free Languages Course

Why only learn one language, if you can learn several languages ​​at once, and it’s free? Well, in the Kursus Bahasa Gratis Bali, you can take English lessons, Mandarin, Korean, French, and Japanese for free! The course will be held once in a week on Sundays via the Zoom application at 9:30 a.m. WITA, and the new semester has opened on 5 April. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity, if you are interested you can fill out the form here, for more information contact WA / Telegram 0818343434. 


Live Yoga Classes 


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💙 V I N Y A S A Y T T 3 O O 💙 . . ▪Anatomy & Sequencing (Spine, Core & Upper Body) – August 11 to 24 – Module 2, 100 hours . . Increase your knowledge around building integrity and stability in your core, spine and upper body. Working with the concept of how to balance flexibility and stability in the spine while in every category of asana poses . . We will also focus on the philosophical, anatomical and physiological aspects of breathing with a strong focus on the use of pranayama, as well as study the nervous system and it’s powerful mind and body connection. We will learn how to create purposeful and intelligent sequences that focus on backbends, forward bends, twists and side bends . . Additional areas of study: ☆Apply anatomy & biomechanics ☆Safe & effective transitions ☆Sequencing in relation to anatomy, thematic & energy curve of Vinyasa ☆Teaching multi-level class ☆Mastery of verbal instruction ☆Bhagavad Gita study ☆Philosophy & mytholody of major asana ☆Business of Yoga . . This YTT is designed for the yoga practitioner with a 200 hour certificate, and solid teaching experience. I am a E-RYT500 and will be sharing with you over 7500 teaching experience with multi-level audiences . . EARLY BIRD PRICE until end of February!! . . 💙🙏💙 . . #yogalife #namaste #yogi #yogalove #igyoga #yogaeverywhere #yogini #yogagirl #yogaeveryday #instayoga #asana #yogapractice #yogapants #yogaaddict #yogis #fitness #yogagram #meditate #yogajourney #dailyyoga #yogapic #practiceandalliscoming #yogatothecore #inspiredyogis #yogafit #practicepracticepractice #flexibility #yogacommunity #yoga #nusalembongan

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Stay active and do yoga! Yoga can be one of your getaways when you feel bored or just relax your body muscles after a day of working from home. Looking for an online yoga expert to guide your workout at home? try to follow live yoga classes from Serenity Yoga Lembongan. Enjoy 60 minutes of yoga classes guided by expert yoga with tranquil Balinese sounds all around, which will hopefully give everyone some comfort at this challenging time. To join the live class, you need to install the Zoom apps. But first, you have to select a preferred date and time then send a direct message to Serenity Yoga Lembongan’s Instagram account, after that they will give you access to log in.


So, what online classes you want to take first?

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