Bali’s known for being such a hip vacation destination that sometimes it’s hard to find a spot to truly relax and chill. Have a look at these staycations that present an amazing view of Bali’s natural environment. Combined with beautiful and eco-friendly bamboo architecture. Whether you’re looking for cozy eco-cottage staycations constructed from bamboo, find it here!

Kumbuh Jungle Bali

This experience is not like any other, Kumbuh Jungle Bali is not a fancy hotel/villa. It’s truly an adventure experience rustic and authentic right in the middle of Balinese village life. The Kumbuh Jungle Bali is nestled in the lush jungle of the Bawak river. This staycation is designed by local talented workers. So, will create serene space immerse with Balinese life quintessence. At your arrival, not only you can be looking forward to a welcome basket of seasonal fruits. But, you will always find Balinese coffee, tea, sugar, and snack. Meanwhile, the large private pool is available, making this staycation perfect sanctuary

Veluvana Bali

Veluvana Bali invites you to feel the magnificent vibes of the entire bamboo house into a journey with ultimate joy. Veluvana Bali located in Sidemen Valley, a genuine tropical landscape with Mount Agung peak on its back. At Veluvana Bali, you will see the upper ground parking area with a small gazebo on the west side of the entrance. Also, a small front office building in the north-east edge. Take your time in the upper ground to enjoy the welcome drink while resting from a long journey through the wavy road of East Bali.

Bird Hills Bamboo House

Settled close from Mount Agung, Bird Hills Bamboo House provides accommodations in Karangasem with a garden, a terrace, as well as room service. Here’s where you can enjoy picturesque sunrise beyond the hills, the true hidden gems in Sidemen Village. In addition, the Bird Hills Bamboo House is built by 95% bamboo from local villages. Also, empowered locals as their staff. Knowing when you stay there means that you participate to support the local communities, is the best thing about this staycation. Come and try an unforgettable experience here!

Hideout Bali

Enjoy a quick getaway at Hideout Bali, a famous tiny bamboo cabin in the Karangasem region. Hideout is a unique eco stay hidden in the Agung mountain. Far from the hustle-bustle city life, this staycation is a perfect hideaway for all adventurous travelers. The stunning Bali’s nature with beautiful riverside among fields surrounding the entire bamboo house. The view from the house focuses directly on one of the most sacred places around, called Campuhan. Moreover, the travelers should be prepared to encounter animals from cats and ducks to frogs

New Earth Haven

Enjoy a sense of inner peace in this bio architectural sanctuary made from bamboo. Set in soothing rice fields, with breathtaking views of the surrounding jungle, the New Earth Haven is a uniquely designed bio-architecture dome that lives and breathes in harmony with its natural environment. The Dome accommodates 2 guests with the option to add another person. If you want to spend the night here, google maps at Akasha Restaurant and Juice Bar Keliki, which is also your check-in station.

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