Unlike the rest of the Earth whose air is predominated by nitrogen and oxygen, Bali is different. The Island of the Gods’ atmosphere is perhaps mostly arts and art markets.

No wonder there are many artists originating or living in Bali, from the obscure one to the world-renowned. While the world-famous artists commonly exhibit their works in private galleries, the other group usually sold their artworks in these 6 traditional art markets:

Kumbasari Art Market, Denpasar

Though a little bit older than Sukawati Art Market in Gianyar, Kumbasari Art Market in Denpasar is a little bit obscure and is overlooked by travelers. Rarely it is written on their itineraries.

However, you’ll be amazed knowing that this unrecognized art market is the home for around 200 artwork and souvenir kiosks. You can get there anytime you want because it is open 24/7 across the Badung River, Central Denpasar.

Kuta Art Market, Badung


Staying in Kuta, you need not go all the way to Denpasar to find an art market. A little stroll to a junction near Jalan Kartika Plaza will bring you to the cozy and Instagrammable Kuta Art Market, where you can find items like that of any other art markets in Bali.

Perching on the Mecca of tourism, the price of artworks and souvenirs in Kuta Art Market might be slightly expensive. However, a good buyer will eventually take home items with reasonable price after a friendly haggling. It opens every day from 8 am to 10 pm.

Klungkung Art Market, Semarapura

The legend says that—thanks to the cheap price—the traditional fabric merchants from around the island go to Klungkung Art Market to buy their stocks. So there’s no better place in Bali to go to find such items other than this market.

Klungkung Art Market is in the capital city of Klungkung Regency, Semarapura. It is only around an hour drive from Denpasar through Ida Bagus Mantra Highway. Make sure you don’t go there too late because at 6 pm it will be closed already.

Guwang Art Market, Gianyar

During the peak seasons, Sukawati Art Market might be quite packed. It would be hard just to find a place to park your scooter or car, let alone strolling along the market to seek for interesting items.

But no worries. Only one kilometer south of the legendary Sukawati, there’s another market, namely Guwang Art Market. It opens from 8 am to 5 pm. The variety of artworks in Guwang can compete for that of Sukawati. However, Guwang is only for those who want to experience a peaceful shopping session.

Sukawati Art Market, Gianyar

Strategically located on the main road connecting Denpasar and Gianyar, Sukawati is unarguably the most famous art market in Bali, especially among the local tourists. It is also one of the oldest art markets in Bali as it has been operating since the 80’s.

It is full of artworks and souvenirs, from tiny keychains to large paintings, from traditional sarongs to the fake Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts. Like any other art markets, the price depends on how great you bargain. Sukawati Art Market opens daily from 8 am to 7 pm.

Ubud Traditional Art Market, Gianyar


This art market is on Jalan Raya Ubud, only three doors down from Monkey Forest Junction, the most scenic spot in town. The operating-hour is from 8 am to 5 pm. Ubud Traditional Art Market will be a nice stop for you while strolling around one of the most liveable cities in Indonesia.

Though less loaded than Sukawati, this market offers as many artworks as its older sister. “Less loaded? The artworks must be expensive then.” Not necessarily. The more skillful you are in bargaining, the cheaper the price you’ll get.

Are you ready to buy some artworks and souvenirs?