Bali has become one of the “steppes” of the world’s digital nomads. To welcome this new tribe, many coworking spaces, the modern “yurts,” have been built and operated. However, not all of them have what it takes to be a co-working space. Meaning they don’t have a fast Wi-Fi connection and there’s nothing to brag about their appearance.

To help you, a member of the noble tribe of digital nomads, choose a coworking space in Bali, we have wrapped a list of 7 recommended coworking spaces with fast Wi-Fi and unique ambiance.

Outpost Ubud Penestanan

Located on Jalan Penestanan, Ubud, Outpost Ubud Penestanan is designed to be more than just a co-working space. Their “all in one” space provides comfy accommodation where you can unwind a co-working space with stunning panoramic views of Ubud, and a soon to launch fitness and cafe space. Instead of commuting every day from where you stay to the coworking space, all you have to do is grab your laptop and walk up to their rooftop deck.

Plus, after a long productive day, you can stroll around the pedestrian areas of the artsy city of Ubud—or take a dip in their relaxing jungle pool . For further information about the plans and pricing, check out the official website of Outpost Ubud Penestanan.

Jimbaran Hub

Once in a while, a digital nomad like you have to discuss the work with the team or the clients. But, although most of the coworking spaces are equipped with a comfy workplace for the lone rangers, not all of them equipped with a proper venue to hold up a meeting. Jimbaran Hub is one of the anomalies.

Besides monthly rented office space, Jimbaran Hub is also equipped with places to work with your team. They have a meeting room and a virtual office where you can have a video conference call with clients who live in other parts of the world.

cafe …work

Nothing compares to the comfort of your own living room at home. But it’s clearly impossible to bring your own living room on vacation. Imagine how much you need to pay for the unusual luggage—and the facial expression of the airline official behind the check-in counter.

But no worries, for cafe …work on Jalan Subak Sari No. 63, Tibubeneng is there for you. Instead of industrial or rustic, the interior design of the co-working space is adopted from a living room, with soft sofas, low tables, even television. On top of that, you can order mouth-watering drinks from the bar!

Hub Bali


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It’s monday ! Here at Hub Bali we believe that more is definitely the best. Especially when it comes to working and being comfortable. Hub Bali loves to give more space for our hubbers to work on. Big table will give you the opportunity to be able to move some of your things around and get organized so you can know your way around your notes, documents and other things. Now, are you interested to take advantage of our spacious space? Get your FREE trial @hub_bali Legian now! . . #hubbali #coworkinglegian #coworking #newplace #legian #networking #coworkingbali #coworkingspace #digitalnomad #startupcompany #freelancer #bali #coworkingspacebali #balidigitalnomad #workspace #coworker #lifestyle #goodlife #freedom #workinparadise #paradise #productivelife #remoteoffice #remotework #futureofwork #worklifebalance #community #whatsnewbali #balilife

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Hub Bali is perfect for digital entrepreneurs who want to kick start the business. It offers many types of coworking space with unbelievably reasonable rates and amenities. It also has a coliving service, in which you’ll get to stay at an accommodation situated right above the co-working space.

There are two Hub Bali in—well—Bali. Once in Legian and another in Nusa Dua. Which is the best? It depends on you. If you still want to hang out at a bar or cafe after work, Hub Bali Legian is perfect for you. Yet if you just want to rest your bones by the end of the day, it seems Hub Bali Nusa Dua’s gonna be more comfy for you.

GoWork Bali

It’s quite easy to find a comfy, Instagenic co-working place. But it’s quite hard to find a co-working place which can help whatever you’re trying to “grow” grow. GoWork, a coworking space chain that has expanded to many cities in Indonesia, belongs to the latter kind of coworking space.

Besides chic workspace, GoWork Bali, which is situated at Park 23 Mall, is also equipped with “intangible” resources, one of which is a network—or an ecosystem, says startup experts—which can potentially help your business grow. It doesn’t only offer space to work but also rooms for meetings and events. Curious? Visit GoWork’s website for further information.

Zin@Work at Zin Cafe Canggu

For some people, it’s not easy to work without a glass of hot drink. Their mind will get clogged and the inspiration will refuse to come. If you can relate to that, you’ll find a home at Zin@Work, as this co-working space is situated at Zin Cafe Canggu that serves the best coffee in town.

Other than comfy workplace and a cafe, Zin@Work is also around the vicinity of a gym and a spa house to which you can take refuge after a long tiring day working in front of your laptop. If you’re curious, make your way to Zin Cafe on Jalan Nelayan 78F, Canggu.

Kinship Studio

Those who deal with words and numbers may work anywhere as long as the place is comfy. However, for those who work with moving pictures, the video, need something else: a studio.

Well, there’s good news for the latter kind of digital nomads. There’s a co-working space equipped with a studio for video creators: Kinship Studio. Situated in Canggu, you’ll never run out of creativity while working at Kinship. You can always take a break from your work and “migrate” for a while to one of the beautiful beaches in the shoreline of Canggu.

So have you made your mind where to finish your work?

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