Here we present you with our short list of the best Bali art markets that are special shopping destinations you can find in the island’s major areas, so you can get going on your Bali shopping adventures. Even if you aren’t in for the haggling or buying anything, a visit to any of these art markets provides you with a glimpse into the wonderful artistry and creativity of the island’s craftsmen.


  1. Campuhan Ridge Walk

    Campuhan is famous with its beautiful trekking scenery. In the village walking distance nearby, you will find art shops and local painters working in their workshop. Find selected options of arts collection and souvenirs here. Don’t forget to try the local coffee shops, what a perfect way to spend your day!


  1. Tegalalang Market

    Tegalalang is well known for its breathtaking panorama of rice terraces. Along the street, you will find many souvenirs and furniture shops. So many things that you can find in one place!


  1. Ubud Market

    This market is located in the central of Ubud. A strategic shopping place, not far from the tourism area. Make sure you stop by to experience the vibe of  local art markets in Ubud


  1. Guwang Market

    Once you step inside, you will feel the lively ambiance by the warm greetings from the sellers who will passionately show you the merchandises they sell.Tips : Bargain at least half of the price offered. But with a smile on your face!


  1. Sukawati Market

    One of Bali’s most famous and oldest art market in Bali since 1980’s. Perfect place to find Balinese artworks, handicrafts, sculptures and other traditional hand-crafted items. One of the Go-To place to shop for wholesalers

What is your favourite art market in Bali?