Have you ever heard about Melukat Ceremony? The Balinese practice an ancient method to neutralize negative energies in someone. It is called Melukat and this ritual has been passed from generation to generation as an important part of Balinese Hinduism. Melukat comes from the word “lukat” in Kawi-Bali means cleaning and purifying. So, the purpose is to cleanse the body, mind, soul also eliminate all negative effects. There are a number of temples as a place to do melukat. These places also become a popular tourist destination where people usually come to complete their journey to Bali. From the temples below, which one you ever visited?

Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple

This is one of the most popular places for melukat in Bali. Nestled on Manukaya village, Tampak Siring District, Gianyar, Tirta Empul is quite a large temple complex. When you enter the main area of the temple, you’ll find a large, crystal-clear pool within the temple and gush out through 30 waterspouts into the two sacred purification pools. Behind the purification, pools are the final section of the Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple, called the Jeroan. Mostly overlooked by tourists, the inner courtyard is a pleasant place to visit and relax.

Tirta Sudamala Temple


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Tirta Sudamala Temple is located in Bebalang Village, Bangli Regency. You have to prepare because you have to walk about 20 minutes from the parking lot to the location of the temple which is nestled upstream of the river. Here you can find the eleven fresh holy water shower. Before the self-cleaning begins, you need to go to the main temple to ask permission. Then a Pandita will lead a prayer and sprinkle holy water on you. Don’t forget to bring some change clothes also set aside funds to donate in exchange for an entrance ticket.

Taman Pecampuhan Sala Temple


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A melukat place with an amazing natural atmosphere, Pura Taman Pecampuhan Sala! Located in Abuan Village, Bangli, this temple has 9 showers with holy water. Access to the location is a little challenging but not too difficult. There is a view of a waterfall that is quite interesting and exotic, flanked by rock cliffs that beautify this place. There is no restriction if you want to do melukat here, except “cuntaka”. Such when you’re loss of family died or menstruation

Penglukatan Pancoran Solas


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Penglukatan Pancoran Solas is located in the complex of Taman Mumbul Temple Sangeh surround by a beautiful and natural atmosphere. Before melukat, the visitors should do pray first. This melukat begins with the shower of Dewi Ganga, then Dewi Saraswati, and so on until the shower of Shiva, with a total of 11 sacred showers. That’s why it is called solas which means eleven. The nine showers are the gods of Nawa Sanga, and the second one is the shower of Dewi Gangga and Dewi Saraswati. If you are looking for a quiet ambiance and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place is perfect for you!

Pesiraman Dalem Pingit Temple


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The sacred and mystical Pesiraman Dalem Pingit Temple is located in Sebatu, Tegalalang District, Gianyar Regency. Do not be surprised if you found visitors who got trance while dancing and made a creepy sound when melukat at Pesiraman Dalem Pingit. It probably that they were sick (medical and non-medical) or affected by black magic. Locals believe that this water removes bad energy and can defeat black magic. It also has healing powers. The ambiance here is so green, calm, and peaceful so you can enjoy the spiritual serenity

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