Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate! Who’s with me? You definitely have to try the original Balinese chocolate. Made from the best quality ingredients in collaboration with local chocolate farmers, making Balinese chocolate very tasty and authentic. They’re also all organic and ethically-sourced. From vegan to creamy-smooth varieties to try. Let’s jump into chocolate heaven in Bali!

1.  Mason Gourmet Chocolate Factory

Mason decide to create Indonesia crafted chocolate with 15 types of chocolate bars. Mason also producing truffles and praline about 40 different flavors. You’d be spoiled for choice with chocolate delights to satiate sweet cravings at Mason Gourmet Chocolate Factory

2.  Pod Bali Chocolate Factory

In Chocolate Pod Bali you can taste a variety of unique types of chocolate. Also, watch the process of making chocolate, look around the cocoa garden, the process of harvesting, experience to make your own chocolate, and various other exciting activities. No wonder this place is well-known as a paradise for chocolate lovers in Bali. Pod Chocolate was founded by Toby Garrit who has a passion for creating the best chocolate in the world. In Pod Chocolate you will find a variety of unique chocolates that are rarely found in supermarkets or minimarts. In this Chocolate Pod there are two styles of chocolate namely classic and nectar. You can enjoy chocolate products such as classic bars, nectar bars, nectar poches, various praline flavors, and others.

3.  Krakakoa Balinese Chocolate Factory & Store

Famous with Indonesia’s award-winning chocolate, Krakakoa prides itself for its work in empowering farmers, promoting sustainability and creating world-class quality products – rooted in the belief, it seems, that some of the best quality products in the world can indeed be produced right here in the archipelago

4.  Be Chocolat by Michel Clement

Michel Clement’s success as a chocolatier has solidified itself throughout Europe and abroad over the past 13 years. A sustainable, eco-friendly tribute to Willy Wonka himself, Be Chocolat is a treat for all the senses! He has combined sustainable living with the ultimate luxury of high-quality chocolate. All products are packaged in cellophane, a biodegradable material based on cellulose and obtained from natural and renewable resources. The combination of high-quality ingredients, over 20 years of experience and daily production in perfect conditions brings Be Chocolat as one of the most delicious chocolate ever.

So, which one to try first?

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