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Pencak Silat is an umbrella term for a class of related Indonesian martial arts. Pencak is the essence of training, the outward aspect of the art which a casual observer is permitted to witness as performance. Silat is the essence of combat and self-defense, the true fighting application of the techniques which are kept secret from outsiders and not divulged to students until the guru
deems them ready. While other definitions exist, all agree that silat cannot exist without pencak, and pencak without silat skills is purposeless.
Pencak silat was practiced not only for physical defence but also for psychological ends.
Ketut Adi Putra Adji Gagux
Ketut Adi Putra, or “Adji”, is a master of the traditional Balinese martial art pencak silat, and at only 28 years of age, is an expert in both the ancient and modern forms. Born in Kintamani, he began his martial arts path at the age of 7, when he started school. As a competitor, Adji has taken part in championships ranging from district to national level, reaping many wins along the way. But Adji’s knowledge and love of the ancestral martial heritage of Bali goes far beyond competition – his commitment is total, the arts have been passed down through the family lineage, and indeed pencak silat can be traced back to his own grandfather, a great martial artist himself. On finishing school, Adji continued his studies at Undiksha University, Bali, and chose to major in sports and health, aiming to take his pencak silat to another level and learn more about health, fitness and anatomy. Since graduation, Adji has continued to train hard and practice both ancient and modern forms. Because of his family history, he feels he has a moral responsibility to perpetuate the tradition, and is ever keen to further his knowledge.
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Jan 08 2020


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