Basic Watercolor Workshop for Beginners

Calling all creatives on the island of Gods – Bali!

This month we bring you “Basic Watercolor Workshop” where you will learn about the secrets of the watercolor painting, besides enhancing your creativeness and improve your artistic skill. So, come and enjoy the beauty and calm of watercolor painting with Yenti as the mentor.

Born in North Sumatera, Yenti has been pursuing her passion for art from an early age. During her study at the university, she has done a lot of paintings (both watercolors and oil colors). “Studying architecture improved her understanding of composition and proportion, as well as it allowed her to have a good eye for perspective, she said.”

Workshop fee: 250K (incl materials & snacks)


Feb 09 2020


9:00 am - 11:30 am


Xich lo Canggu

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