Botanical Colours Workshop

A 5-day workshop charting Indonesia’s diverse natural dye techniques — limited to 10 people

Over the course of 5 days in the dye studio participants will:
• Harvest indigo leaves and make indigo past, prepare an indigo vat,
• indigo dye cotton fabric and yarn samples,
• maintain an indigo vat;
• Make and use a brown tannin dye vat using Ceriops Tagal extract;
• Prepare mud for mud dyeing,
• mud dye on cotton fabric;
• Prepare Morinda citrifolia roots,
• mordant and dye cotton yarn with Morinda red;
• Learn proper scouring (pre-washing) and finishing (post-washing) practices;
• Create a personal natural dye project with the option of surface design techniques such as batik, shibori, and mud painting for which introductory instruction will be provided.


Feb 10 2020 - Feb 14 2020


All Day


Umajati Retreat
Jalan Subak Uma Petulu Lebah,

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