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Dissolve EROS is an experience in:
– Connecting to your desires in a space that allows them to be fully expressed and felt
– Connect through movement to other bodies physically and energetically in a way that inspires pleasure and nourishment
– Honoring your innermost essence and the spirits of those around you, creating a unified field of resonance that allows authentic connection
– An opportunity to give support and be supported by others with your body and energetic field
This journey through conscious movement is inspired by contact improvisation, intuitive movement and authentic relating. A big YES to exploring and honoring your boundaries is encouraged here – guided exercises will be facilitated in support of what authentically feels good for you. Bring your curiosity, playfulness and a desire to dive into deeper ways of connecting with yourself and those around you.


Jan 06 2020


All Day


Paradiso Ubud
Jalan Gautama Seletan

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