SuperMoon Conscious Party X Hoda Fadel + Deep Shift

Come a little closer,
You’re in for a treat.
An enchanted journey inwards,
With just a hint of sweet.

SuperMoon Conscious Party invites you to surrender to temptation.
A sacred journey into the heart of the full moon, a gathering to awaken your soul.

Unleash your spirit. Express your gifts. Dance to the sacred rhythm of life. Don’t feel the need to hold back or dampen your spirit! This is a time to celebrate. There is a feeling of dance and joy around you at this time as you fully recognize your splendor. You are a sacred being who defies gravity every day just by being alive and brings a sense of balance and equality in the world.

Follow me to the bonfire…
Our journey begins with Sacred Cacao, the alluring elixir of love, in a fiery ceremony of community and connection.
This is our activation, our anchoring, and our codes, our guidance into the night to come.


Mar 10 2020


All Day



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