Transformational Breathwork

Breathwork is an active form of meditation that helps quiet the mind and aids you into diving into your beautiful, magnificent body.

If traditional seated meditation hasn’t worked for you in the past – I promise you Breathwork will.

You are guided through an introspective journey set to a cosmic soundtrack where you are able to feel more intensely and reemerge into the world with greater clarity and a feeling of being lighter. Our bodies are trying to talk to us at all times but we don’t know how to listen – Breathwork is the tool to connect your heart and your mind.

Breathwork is for everybody. If you can breathe you can attend a Breathwork session.

Each week we will dive into a topic ranging from tantric breath, self-love discovery, limiting beliefs, connection to others and plenty more heart hitting subjects.

Exchange is 130k and we hold this session every Friday at 4p at The Canggu Studio.

Have questions? Message me! I am here to be helpful to you!


Mar 06 2020


All Day


The Canggu Studio
Jln Nelayan Br Canggu Tua N.32 Batubolong

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