What else do you want to fulfill when you’re in Bali? Considered one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Asia, Bali offers lots of exciting things.  From its exquisite beaches, stunning natural landscapes, rich cultural traditions, and historic religious sites. Bali will surely make your travel a memorable one! An endless array of fun things to do in Bali awaits tourists of all ages. Do you want something extraordinary? Make sure these recommendations already on your bucket list!

Go Kart Bali


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Get your adrenalin pumping and try this go-karting in the open air on the island! Go Kart can be said as the little brother of track racing, which is a track-based vehicle with small rear engines and four-wheels. This may not be a common activity in Bali, but it can be something new to add to your bucket list if you want to challenge yourself with speed. With a 400m long and 8m wide track like no other, Go Kart Bali is all about simulating a true racing experience, where super high grip guarantees the ultimate karting adventure. Furthermore, the track including several major elevation changes which lead into dippers, bridge, and tunnel. For those who have never go-karted before, this can be a bit of a daunting experience. Otherwise, rest assured this is also both fun and easy! Book on +62-878-0343-5051 or visit their website

Balaji Adventure


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Feel the excitement and explore the wild nature and authentic Balinese villages in different ways with Balaji Adventure! Balaji Adventure’s main activity is ATV and Dirt Bike. Besides with various additional activities including rafting, tubing, cycling, swing, horse riding, or flying fox. longest ATV track in Bali. Get yourself ready for the ATV ride through the diverse challenging track. Down to the valley with a 45-degree track down, going through shady bamboo jungle and rice field, meet the villager along the way who will greet you humbly. Then, finish the track with a big jump into the mud track! During the ATV tour, a professional guide will guide you. They are local youth who are familiar with the area and were trained professionals to operate the ATV. Sounds interesting? Call +6281238692237/+6287701172200 (Whatsapp) or visit here

Paintball Canggu Bali

Paintball Canggu is a choice of fun and enjoyable activities that you can do with your friends and family. Also, this place consists of a bamboo village with 2 and even 3-floor buildings and a marine field as well as a jungle field to make paintball games more exciting. Additionally, the design field is flexible to suit your group sizes from 2 to 20 people. Well, what are you waiting for? Reserve yours here 

Totem Room Escape Bali


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Totem Room Escape Bali is a phenomenal physical adventure game in which a group of people are locked in a room and have to use any available elements, solve a series of puzzles, and find clues to escape the room within a set time limit. Totem Room Escape Bali offers difficulty levels ranging from the easy to the most difficult, with a capacity of only 2-4 people per room.

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