Bali island is not just well-known for its natural beauty, which tourists may enjoy. Bali, also known as the “Island of God,” is  popular because it contains traditional and distinctive art, culture, and rituals that people practice on a daily basis in Bali, particularly in Traditional Tourism Villages. If you interested to know and learn more, let’s scroll down to see Five the most popular Traditional Tourism Village in Bali.


1. Penglipuran Village


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Penglipuran Village is a traditional village in Bangli Regency, and it is the first tourist village destination. It is also known as the cleanest village in the world. Penglipuran Village’s environment is quite and lovely since it is located in the highlands. This village has a distinct personality that you won’t find in other villages, such as the residents’ houses that all appear the same from the outside. This village also features a nice, clean, and lovely lane that you can walk along while taking photographs time to time. The bamboo forest behind the settlements may also be seen from Penglipuran village. Tourists can reach the village in around an hour and a half from Denpasar. The ideal time to visit Penglipuran Village is during Galungan time, when the penjor (bamboo poles decorated with art and offerings made from coconut leaves) line up and adorn the village.


2. Tenganan Pegringsingan Village

Tenganan Pegringsingan village is a traditional village in west of Bali is called “Bali Aga” and is located in Karangasem Regency. There are various tourism activities in Tenganan Village, such as witnessing and enjoying the Mekare – kare custom or Pandanus wars, learning traditional crafts, gazing at traditional and distinctive architecture, and seeing holy traditional music and dance. Aside from that, you may go about the village, buy some traditional crafts, and snap Instagram-worthy photographs. There are several traditional homestays available if you only wish to stay one night. Tenganan village is around 1 hour 30 minutes away from Denpasar city.


3. Pinge Tourism Village


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Pinge Tourism Village is Bali’s most stunning view village, located in the Marga District of Tabanan Regency. The scene of nature between the Batukaru Mountain and the rice terrace sight is the point of view in Pinge village. Besides from scenery, Pinge village boasts a traditional culture and temple known as Pura Natar Jemeng. Trekking around the village to enjoy the pure and natural air, gorgeous rice terraces, and seeing the traditional field plow with buffalo are some of the activities available in this area. The Pinge tourism village is roughly one hour’s drive from Denpasar City.


4. Batubulan Village


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Batubulan Village is the one of the most popular interesting art and culture place in Bali that located in the Gianyar Regency. The Batubulan Village is derive etymologically from the words Batu and Bulan, which mean Moon Stone. Batubulan is a well-known village in Indonesia because residents employ art inspiration to create magnificent dance, known as Barong Dance. Tourists may engage in activities such as watching the Barong Dance, looking for gold and silver crafts, and stone carving at Batubulan Village. Aside from that, you may spend the morning walking or cycling among the rice fields. The batubulan settlement is around 30 minutes’ drive from Denpasar City.


5. Terunyan Village

Terunyan is another historic town inhabited by people known as “Bali Aga,” or “old Bali,” who live in ways that are vastly different from other Balinese. Terunyan is located in a crater opposite Batur Lake, of Bangli Regency. The tradition of Terunyan, which is being followed to this day, that is the deceased is not cremate or buried, but are simply place in bamboo cages to decay, despite the fact that there is no odor. Locals will arrange and collect the melted skulls around the graves once they have melted. The fragrant scents from a massive Taru Menyan tree growing nearby prevent the dead bodies from releasing unpleasant smell. Taru means “tree,” and Menyan means “pleasant odor”. How do you get there? from Denpasar to Batur lake takes about 2 hours, and you can only access the Terunyan by boat across Batur lake, which takes about 20 – 30 minutes.



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