For those of you who are going to visit Bali, you really must know the following travel requirements. Travel domestic requirements are already we share in the previous article, this time it will be about international travel requirements according to COVID-19 Handling Task Force Circular Letter No. 9 of 2020, and the Bali Province COVID-19 Task Force Circular Letter No. 305 / GUGASCOVID-19 / VI / 2020

1. Valid PCR test

international travel requirement

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A valid PCR test with a negative result is required for every passenger on an international flight to Bali. If they do not show the PCR test, they must do it on medical institution accredited by Bali Province COVID-19 Task Force

2.Self-quarantine procedure

international travel to Bali

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During the wait for the PCR test result, each passenger is required to undergo a self-quarantine procedure

3. Fill the online self-report form

international arrival requirement

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Before entering Bali, each passenger is required to fill in the online self-report form via and show the QR code to the official on duty

4. Fill the travel statement

Domestic Air Travel Requirements

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For non-Bali ID, you have to show PCR test certificate with a negative result, undergo with the self-quarantine procedure, download and fill in Travel Actors Statement, and Travel Guantator Statement available on

5. Fill the HAC 

international arrival requirement

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Fill the Health Alert Card. The completion of the HAC aims to help with tracking cases of the disease for each traveler. Now, you can also fill online with the e-HAC app to minimalize the physical contact 

6.Activate Peduli Lindungi App

fill the form to pass Bali

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Download and activate the Peduli Lindungi app on the mobile device

So, are you ready back to explore Bali? Well, even Bali is now open, please obey the health protocol wherever you go. Don’t forget to always, use mask, keep physical distancing, wash hands regularly to minimize the spread of COVID-19

Source: Bali Airport

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