Looking for leisure food and new places in Bali? We got you covered! Food fully illustrates a culture, and each place has its own unique taste. Therefore, make sure you keep update with these delicious foods that Bali provides! Bring your loved ones and share your culinary experience with Bali Go Live!

Lemon & Salt


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Discover a new happy place in Berawa! Lemon & Salt offers a unique setting with stylish modern interior design nestled on Citadines Hotel Berawa. The restaurant and bar open all day, serving you international cuisine, and some twists during brunch and dinner. Lemon & Salt seamlessly blend workdays and fun nights. Start the day with a cup of espresso and a bowl of granola at Lemon & Salt Cafe. Furthermore, the outdoor cafe is the ideal place to catch up or hold meetings. When the sky turns red, go upstairs to taste a handmade cocktail while enjoying the groovy ambiance completed with a wooden-decked bar!

Manina Seminyak


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If you like to come to the Seminyak area and are familiar with burgers at Boss Man and sipping cocktails at Bikini, you’ll want to check out Manina the newest one. At Manina, you will find a minimalist interior, dim lighting, an intriguing ambiance, and the Manina charm – AKA craft cocktails and all your favorite morsels from the Bikini menu. Open from 4 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings only.

Melali Ubud


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Melali is Ubud’s newest neighborhood eatery that’s perfect for a post-yoga brunch or laptop lunch that serving up wholesome Mediterranean-inspired plates in a stylish street-side setting. Melali is Balinese, roughly translated as “spontaneously take time to relax, eat something, or even drink coffee”. An all-day breakfast menu can help you solve this problem, including poached eggs, potato borscht, and all hollandaise sauces. come and feel alongside those Mediterranean-inspired plates at Melali Ubud

The Hula

A new hangout place in the heart of Pererenan. Yep! Come to The Hula! You can leisurely enjoy a hearty, lovely breakfast or drink a few cups of home-roasted coffee. Open daily from 6.30 am to 7 pm, this place is so comfy and homey. Under the influence of wabi-sabi, enjoy these all-day joys with modern sofas in the middle of a century. Besides, local handmade bamboo furniture and antique dark teak tabletops. Not surprisingly, The Hula has become popular among the brunch crowds in Bali

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