There is something philosophical about an infinity pool. Seeing the water and the sky blend at an unseen horizon gives us a sense that there’s no such thing as boundaries. Yeah, fellas; dipping yourself into an infinity pool does not only give you Instagenic pictures but also some meaning. There are hundreds of infinity pools in Bali. Among them, these following five pools are the most stunning ones:

Hanging Garden of Bali

If you want to experience swimming in the best swimming pool in the world, make your way to Hanging Garden Bali in Ubud. Situated next to a beautiful gorge and surrounded by a mystical jungle, the infinity pool will attract an adventurous soul like you. If you’re planning a secret romantic dinner for your partner, you can also book the Dinner at The World’s Best Swimming pool for USD400++/couple.

Six Sense Uluwatu

Situated on a cliff in Uluwatu, which looks pretty much like the end of the world, the infinity pool of Six Sense Uluwatu is quite special compared to any other infinity pool. It is a perfect place to gaze at the sun while the old orange disc setting into the horizon. To maximize your experience, Six Sense Uluwatu also offers a range of rejuvenation services through its wellness programs. Want to see some culture? You can go to the nearby Pura Uluwatu to watch Kecak dance. If you’re an adventurous one, you can take your longboard to the nearby surf beaches with world-class breaks.

Pertiwi Bisma 1

From the infinity pool of Bisma 1, you’ll get to see the legendary greeneries of Ubud. Although it’s gonna be pretty cold, the best time to dip yourself into Pertiwi Bisma’s infinity pool is in the morning or in the afternoon, when you’ll get to see the lush landscape of Ubud in its best condition. Pertiwi Bisma 1 is situated on Jalan Bisma, Ubud. Visit their website to seek interesting packages.

The Tamarind Resort Lembongan

The infinity pool of Tamarind Resort Lembongan looks like a secret place that can only be accessed by MI6 agents. It perches in a sort of a hill, hugged by lush green tropical trees, from which you can take an occasional gaze at the sea and mainland Bali. When the weather is clear, Mount Agung will look really beautiful. Although it is located in a quite taciturn place, an island, the amenities of Tamarind Nusa Lembongan exceed those situated in the cities.

Soori Bali

Who needs a “preset” if you can upload a photo of an infinity pool as it is. The design and the landscape of Soori Bali will enable you to upload the photo of the infinity pool directly without using any filters. The best time to enjoy the moment around the infinity pool is in the afternoon. As Soori Bali situated on the western side of Bali, when the weather is clear you’ll get to see the old sun diving into the horizon. Also, Soori Bali is only three doors down from the legendary Pura Tanah Lot.

Which infinity pool is the most interesting for you, anyway?

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