The Bali Swings becomes hype and popular activity recently and takes your social media feed to the next level. Everything captured at that moment looked amazing with the green scenery of Bali”s nature. How about you, are you curious about trying out Bali swing activities while on vacation in Bali? Well, here’s our second recommendation, if you haven’t read the first places, have a look here!

Aloha Ubud Swing


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Aloha Ubud Themed Park is one of the great agro-tourism destinations with the best swings in Ubud. The Aloha swing height has five levels to choose from ranging from 10-60 meters above the ground. An Instagrammable hit for sure! Aloha Swing provides a stunning view of the Ubud forest and rice paddies in the background. Come and prove the natural beauty of Ubud at the Aloha Swing.

Waterfall Extreme Swing at the Dtukad River Club 

Enjoy the swing ride with waterfall scenery, you can find it on Dtukad River Club & Swing. Nestled right next to the Blangsinga waterfall, this place not only offers the swing attraction but also a swimming pool, restaurant, and bar. Feel the serene atmosphere complemented by genuine Balinese hospitality here. What’s more interesting? It’s free entry and free access to the swimming pool also! Furthermore, get the special ‘Three Some’ deal, buy 2 get 3 all food and beverage!

Swing Heaven Bali


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Fly without wings and embrace the true beauty of Bali! Swing Heaven is locally owned and located deep in the jungle of Ubud. Overlooking the Ayung River valley, your holiday is not complete without this thrill-seekers delight. With the Unlimited Access pass, enjoy the numerous swings and Instagrammable nests ideal for photoshoots taking in the awesome views. It’s a perfect place to stop by with the whole family and feel the adrenalin pumping at once!

Swing in Love at Bas De Atanaya


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Swinging with love! This is the first impression you will get when you try to swing on Bas De Atayana. Set high above the ground with a giant heart-shaped frame in the background, making it a fan favorite for a loveable Instagrammable spot. Bas De Atayana is the first agrotourism spot that is located in Bangli, Bali which has been around since 2001. Release your stress by a swing in love and enjoying a bestseller cup of Luwak Coffee with the beautiful nature scenery at Bas De Atayana.

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