Are you an animal lover? Then these must-visit animal parks in Bali you should have not missed! Bali has a variety of wonderful wildlife attractions that appeal to families and animal lovers. Animal parks in Bali are natural sanctuaries for exotic wildlife from various regions of the world. Well, experience Bali’s animal kingdom in a selection of open-air sanctuaries and wildlife parks!

Ubud Monkey Forest 


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Ubud Monkey Forest or also knows as The Sacred Monkey Forest is the sanctuary and natural habitat of the Balinese long-tailed Monkey. The scientific named Macaca fascicularis. It is located at Padangtegal Ubud, Bali. Ubud Monkey Forest offers over 115 different species of trees. Unraveling stone pathways, stunning statues covered in moss, and green lush jungle. A quick tip: Remember that although wild monkeys are fascinating and cute beyond words, they are still wild animals. It’s best to enjoy these long-tailed creatures at a comfortable distance in their natural habitat. To maintain the monkey’s health, please do not feed the monkey such peanuts, biscuits, bread, or any other human snacks. Well, get your mask up and ready for an exciting experience with the monkey!

Bali Bird Park


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With 2,000 square meters of land, the Bali Bird Park houses more than 1.000 birds representing more than 250 species in an enclosed aviary. The park features birds from Indonesia, South Africa, and Latin America, as well as 2000 tropical plants. Take a tranquil stroll through the park for close encounters with these graceful birds, there’s even a special area for Komodo dragons! If you are looking for a different excitement, visit its 4D air-conditioned cinema. You can watch one of the surround-sound films centered around birds on show here. Moreover, enjoy the feeding birds from the palm of your hand at an interactive feeding session

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park cover 400,000 sq m of land in the Gianyar regency, making it one of Bali’s largest wildlife parks. Enjoy the home of hundreds of amazing animals representing over 100 species, including some rare and endangered species such as the Komodo dragon, Orang Utan, and the Bali Starling bird. While you can be part of the conservation of Indonesian animals, there are some fun activities you don’t want to miss, such as Jungle Hopper, Breakfast with Lion, and Night Safari. As this place is re-opening, get a 30% discount off all booking directly via the website. This promo lasts until 31 December 2021, so what are you waiting for?

Dolphin Lodge

An unforgettable encounter of a lifetime, experience the thrill and joy of interaction with friendly dolphins in Dolphin Lodge! Come visit the only floating sea pen for a hug, touch, feed the dolphins, and even get kisses from them. The Dolphin Lodge not only promotes the awareness of the dolphins but also provides educational programs that will allow the guests to swim with the dolphins, and watch the dolphins perform. These friendly mammals will amaze you with their intelligence, physical ability, and softness! 

Balitopia Butterfly Park

Balitopia Butterfly Park is located in Saba Beach, Gianyar. This place is a one-stop unique destination that combines a beach club, a butterfly dome, also a pirate-themed playground. The tranquil and dense sanctuary inside is wondrously alive with living art: a wide variety of contrasting butterfly species with bright, mesmerizing colors and intricate patterns in a vibrant fluttering motion. Balitopia Butterfly Park also offers a variety of educational programs such as butterfly releases, keeper talks, and animal encounters, as well as for visitors who want to experience the thrill of direct interaction and being surrounded by thousands of butterflies. Visitors can also see the metamorphosis process in butterflies, from caterpillars, larvae to becoming a beautiful butterfly.

Well, which one will be your favorite?

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