There are many interesting places that you can enjoy on the Island of the Gods, one of them is flower gardens, which have their own characteristics. Either you want to take a beautiful picture or just want to relax, these places shouldn’t you skip! With beautiful colorful flower blend perfectly with nature, enjoy your me-time or family time garden in Bali

Marigold Flower Garden

Marigold garden or locally known as Gumitir flower. It’s actually quite famous and a lot of tourists take stunning pictures here. Marigold Flower or Calendula, refers to about 20 species of edible flowers from the daisy family. There are several places you can find the marigold garden, in Belok village as well as in Temukus village. If you are about exploring Karangasem Regency, this garden is located about 2 km from the Besakih temple.

Here you can capture yourself in the middle of the garden fully surrounded by the marigold flowers, like a sea of ​​orange tapestries. The access road to this location is already concrete, small enough for two cars to pass, so you have to be careful. Meanwhile, the best time to come here is from June to August. when the flower was bloom. The Marigold flower is commonly used by locals to make the daily offering, that is why local farmers plant this flower due to high requests especially close to the ceremonial event in Bali. 

Kasna Flower Field

Kasna flower garden presents a white landscape like a beautiful snow-covered area. Nestled in the north of Edelweiss park about 200m, exactly in Temukus village, Karangasem, this garden offers unspoiled views. Want to beautify your Instagram feed? Don’t worry, all the spots in this place are definitely Instagenic and really mesmerizing! Kasna flower harvesting is usually done during Galungan Day celebrations. So, make sure to come to this place at least two or one weeks before the festivities.

Candidasa Lotus Lagoon


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Woke up at dawn to greet the water lilies opening to the light. A special day being new moon which for the local Balinese is a holiday of cleansing the body mind aura and dreamspace in the ocean waters followed by fresh water like here at the “Lotus Lagoon” spring in Candidasa. . It was beautiful seeing people praying & cleansing where the spring waters overflowed into the brilliant blue ocean. Also a pure joy as the kids splashed around picking water lillies plucking the petals like they were unfolding an ancient secret mystery of the stars. Later we had our own sunset ocean ceremony which was heavenly as the neighbors brought candles out to line the pier leading out to a heart sculpture on the calm ocean. . . We literally stayed in this area for two days now specifically for this temple lake that lies nestled to the sea shore. Not long ago it was completely filled with actual lotus flowers we learned from a new friend Made (“Ma-Day”), but after a major cleaning a couple of years ago, they replaced the lotus with water lilies. Not many realize that there is only white, pink, and yellow lotus… blue lotus is actually a water lily. All very magical and special in their own right causing such delight and crown opening connection when inhaled deeply. . Always studying fragrant flowers to extract profound medicine of loving life for you all! As we are in this time of cleansing and refreshing starts, what in your life do you feel is opening up for you in a new way? . *Swipe left to see the beautiful time-lapse we did! @lalunaverse #newmoon #ambrosiaalchemy #lotuslagoon #waterlilies #taurus

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The Candidasa Lotus Lagoon is one of the iconic attractions of Candidasa, which offers a spectacular sight with its pink and fuchsia lotuses. The lagoon is open to the public and is a regular stop-off on tours to East Bali. Opposite the road from the Candidasa Lotus Lagoon is the Pura Candidasa which dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and the goddess of fertility, Hariti. From here, you may get a greater view of the natural lagoon and seascape.

Sukasada Park

Ujung Water Palace is a former palace in Karangasem Regency. Now, this palace is also known as Ujung Park or Sukasada Park. It is located approximately 5 kilometers from Amlapura, with a big fish pond surrounds the old Karangasem Empire heritage building. The park is laid out very beautiful and unique reminiscent to the Dutch colonial period because the architecture of the park is designed by European style. Provide the tropical atmosphere, makes this site peaceful which is suitable for relaxation

So, which one you want to visit first?

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