In every tourist’s heart, there’s a place for one of the most renowned tropical islands in the world: Bali. And, perhaps, you’re planning to goto Bali next summer. To make your stay in Bali more unforgettable, you probably need to read these ten things before going to Bali. You will thank us later!

Bali is in Indonesia

Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia. Tourists from 169 countries in the world can visit Indonesia for free for 30-days. Checkthe country list here: Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration.


There are two seasons in Bali, peak season and low season—kidding. Okay, let us repeat. There are two seasons in Bali, dry season (musim kemarau) and rainy season (musim hujan).

The wet season usually starts in September to April while the dry season usually begins around May and lasts until August. The best time to get the most authentic tropical holiday in Bali is from May to August. If you want to avoid tourist flooding the island, do not come here from July to August because Bali will be in the peak season.

The right side (to drive) is on the left

As in other regions in Indonesia, people drive on the left-side of the road. Therefore, if you are from a country where people drive on the opposite side, you’ll find it rather difficult to adjust yourself to left-side driving. If you are willing to learn and drive here, don’t forget to get an international driving license.

Traditional Ceremonies

Bali is where the modern and traditional elements intertwined harmoniously. Therefore, it is natural that you often see the Balinese wearing traditional clothes getting off modern cars in front of a traditional house of worships or puras.

Sometimes you’re gonna be trapped in a traffic jam while waiting for traditional ceremonies to end, or you’re gonna be led by pecalang to drive through small roads ending in an unknown region.

The Currency is Called Rupiah

Indonesian people trade in rupiah (USD1≈IDR13,400). Besides several bars or cafes around Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak, only a handful of accommodations receives the dollar. Therefore it is important to change your money to rupiah before buying something in Bali. To get a fair exchange, avoid obscure money changers.

The Legendary Bintang

If you believe that you have to save water and drink beer, the nonexistence of drinkable tap water is not a problem, as you can always drink the legendary Bintang. (Several hours in Bali you’ll realize that a lot of people wearing a t-shirt printed with the logo of Bintang.)

The local beer is indeed so popular that it can be found practically in every store. A small bottle of Bintang is around IDR17,000.

Choosing Where to Stay

Here’s one of the most tricky parts when planning a vacation: choosing where to stay.

If you are a surfer and all you want to do in Bali is surfing, perhaps the best place for you to stay is around the southern region of Bali. If you want to dive, book a hotel in Amed or Tulamben on the north-east side of Bali. However, if you come to Bali only to seek for your inner peace, Ubud is the best choice.

The Squatting Toilet

Though most of the accommodations have already equipped their room with the western-style sitting-toilet, you might still have to do your business using a squatting toilet.

The sensation using that kind of toilet is a little bit different than that of using the sitting toilet. At first, your leg might be hurt—or you might get cramp!

Now you can proceed with your itinerary.