This is where you should buy yogawear in Bali. Doing yoga at home? Don’t worry! Here are a collection oEven you do it at home, make it extraordinary with these outfits. f ethically conscious yoga clothing companies all made in Bali. Each unique with collections to inspire you to get back on your mat!

Satya Yogawear 


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Satya Yogawear offers both a stylish and comfortable yoga outfit. Made by soft, natural, and durable fabrics that allow your skin to breathe as you move. The product ranging from jumpsuit, yoga tank, and bras, pants, and shorts, also loungewear. Don’t miss the chance to get a 10% discount off your first order. Visit their website to check their wonderful collection!

Studio K Yogawear

Studio K is earth-loving and eco-friendly clothes. Ethically produced in Bali using sustainable fabrics and practices to prevent harming the environment and each other. Their products are both for men and women. Studio K takes serious sustainability, carefully considered each part of the making process. From the materials used, to the method of manufacture which supports the local Balinese industry. To see their awesome collection, just click here 

Divine Goddess 

Take a look here to find inspiring yoga clothing, gorgeous yoga mats with unique designs, yoga equipment, and yoga jewelry. Divine Goddess features great quality yoga practice clothing made out of natural fibers. They are comfy, practical, and stunningly beautiful all at once. Get a 10% discount for your first purchase, so what are you waiting for?

Uniques Yoga Shop


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@yogi__bee in #UniqueYogaAsana. . Slide 1 : day 1 Slide 2 : day 2 . [Inframe] VANIA Yoga WEAR • • Sport Bra WX1177 • Legging QK1176 . . 💖Hosts Unique kita 💖 @alysia_cen @yogi__bee @ikadewiyoga . 💖Sponsor list💖 @uniqueyogawear @littleyogi_bali @yogamatjakarta . List asana💖 #UniqueYogaAsana 🔥Unique hip opening 🔥Unique backbend 🔥Unique twist 🔥Unique inversion 🔥Unique forward fold 💖💖💖 T& C challengenya: • Repost flyer ini trus • Tag teman – teman kamu dengan hashtag #UniqueYogaAsana • Follow semua sponsors dan hosts • Akunnya di set public ya… supaya kita bisa liat postingan kamu . #igyoga #selflove #yogachallenge #selfpatience #yogaeveryday #yoga #yogalove #practiceandalliscoming #yogaposes #corework #strongisbeautiful #igyogafam #yogafam #yogalove #iloveyoga #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga

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If you are looking for a complete yoga shop with affordable prices, Unique Yoga Shop can be your choice. The products sold include yoga wear, mats, strap beams, yoga swing wheels, and many more. You can shop through Shopee or Tokedia, just click here

Jiwaraga Activewear


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Shop this look:

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Jiwaraga Activewear is a combination of fashion, comfort, minimalist, and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The products are ethically made in Bali. Starting from the signature style, the reversible sports bra, today Jiwaraga Activewear is one of the activewear brands that provide customers with an organic and environmentally process fabric to complement an individual’s eco-friendly lifestyle. See their stunning collection and for ordering, visit their website

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