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Follow the currents of your heart and [re]treat yourself like in paradise at Desa Seni Village Resort.

The waves of life will take you through deep currents, stormy waters and silent rivers. Feeling, flowing and listening to the currents of your heart will make the ride ever so more graceful, even when you are being challenged on an unfamiliar waters.

Desa Seni is truly excited to welcome you to the Island of the Gods, Bali, March 3rd – 9th, 2019 for an exclusive and luxurious yoga and meditation retreat.

A week filled with yoga, meditation and ceremonial rituals in a beautiful, exclusive resort village near the ocean. All to reconnect you to the Currents of your Heart. On this magical retreat, Desa Seni will flow with the currents, experience our hearts opening and allow our bodies to move freely.

Join them for an absolutely stunning journey to Bali at the exclusive, lush and green paradise at Desa Seni.