For anyone who feels like putting on his dance shoes, experiencing cultural performances or enjoying the best music.

People travel for many different reasons. They want to see beautiful natural attractions with their loved ones, escape the buzzing city life, party in an exotic place or have a solitary spiritual journey.

Bali has it all covered. The island is famous for its rich and unique culture. People visiting Bali can experience a culture that they have never seen before and there is no better way to experience the culture than by visiting Bali’s diverse festivals that can almost fill a full year’s calendar of events!

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This must ‘go-to’ festival is held in the cultural heart of Bali: Ubud. The event is a full month celebration of culture that includes Yoga, Dance and Music performances. During the day-time, you can enjoy workshops and different styles of dances from around the world. In the evening, music concerts are held in the beautiful Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) where a series of traditional and contemporary music from Indonesia and the world performs!

The Bali Spirit Festival has become a magnet for music and Yoga enthusiasts. This year the event took place on March 29 – April 3. Stay tuned for the next year’s schedule!




The Bali Arts Festival is a full month of performances, handicraft exhibitions and other cultural activities during which the whole of Bali comes to the city to present the beauty of the different aspects of their culture. You can watch the many different dances that have been forgotten and revived, food and offerings, contests, performances and workshops where the locals will teach you traditional skills. The day starts with cultural parade in villages showcasing the uniqueness of each of their respective regencies. You wouldn’t want to miss this ‘most enchanting’ event of the year!

This must ‘go-to’ festival usually takes place between June and July at in different locations throughout the Island.




The Kite festival is a series of traditional kite events held annually in the months of July through August, particularly in the windy season. Teams from villages from all over the Island compete in different events. The ‘Finals’ customarily take place on the coast of Padanggalak, north of Sanur.
The festival is intended to thank the heavens and the gods for the abundant crops and harvests. Some of the kites are incredibly huge and beautiful, decorated with traditional designs. The Bali kites event is both fun and romantic to watch, as colorful kites fill the sky. A must ‘go-to’ event for all of you!
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The Rice Harvest festival event is open to everyone. Visitors are welcome to join this annual festival that marks the end of Bali’s harvest season. The event is held in honor of the rice god, Dewi Sri. Participants can sample traditional cuisines and in addition, you can watch the exciting spectacle of the water buffalo race at the end of the festival.
The festival is held in May, in many areas around the Island. Check with the locals to see what will be happening near you!




One of the most anticipated events of the year. Ubud Writers and Readers festival is a part of the Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati project, a nonprofit foundation. It’s an international event that celebrates stories and amplifies brave voices that deal with global issues. The festival brings some of the best local as well as internationally renown writers, thinkers, artists, activists, and advocates to share and communicate their ideas. Its South East Asia’s most well known literary event

Don’t miss out next year’s festival! It will be held on the 25th-29th October 2017. Visit the official website for more:




Jazz Market by the Sea is an annual community based event. The themes are music, trade and natural heritage. They want to collaborate with likeminded people and bring communities together who share the same passion. The main purpose is to create awareness about preserving Indonesia’s natural heritage.




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The Festival features various fun activities such as a Kite festival, cultural parades, music performances and much more. The event is in its 10th year, and it has been a success ever since! The event is dedicated to celebrate Sanur’s unique culture and heritage. It’s one occasion that suits all ages and is perfect for the family too. The event is usually held on the 26th-30th of August, right on the height of the summer time! Check out their website for the latest update:




Photo courtesy of Nusa Dua Fiesta

The Nusa Dua Fiesta (NDF) is an annual event that has been held 19 times since 1996. Born from an idea to give a different perception of Nusa Dua as an area full of hotels, the NDF has become one of the most anticipated cultural events on the Island! The festival includes music performances, art shows, sports and other fun activities. Join the Nusa Dua Fiesta and your day will be filled with some fun, guaranteed!
Check their website for an update abobut next year’s event:




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This four days event is dedicated to the culture and the beauty of Lovina. The festival highlights include traditional Balinese performances, music shows and sport activities such as yoga and cycling. In addition, educational programs are also included which focus on conservational activities including planting coral reef, beach clean ups, and turtle releases. It’s a perfect event for those who like to have fun and give back to the community.
The Lovina Festival usually takes place annually in October, in the village of Kalibukbuk, North of Bali.




Photo courtesy of Legian Beach Festival

Arguably the most famous street in Bali, Legian is the most vibrant place on the Island. Legian in Balinese means sweet. And that’s what this festival is all about—the event promises to give the visitors long lasting sweet memories. Legian Beach Festival is one of the most fun filled events in Bali, and one that you must ‘go-to’ and experience yourself! You’ll be out-doors, on the beach with a wide variety of music performances, fashion shows, food trucks, competitions, and other fun activities ready to amuse you!
Take a look at their website for some more information