5 Places to “Go-To” in Bali when the Hunger Strikes You in the Middle of the Night

The dark has fully blanketed the Island of the Gods when you hear a familiar noise coming from your belly; your stomach needs to be fed. You look at the clock on the wall grumpily: 1 a.m. “Where should I go to find something to eat then?”

No worries. Bali has many restaurants that are open all night long. Here are 6 places you can “go-to” in Bali when the hunger strikes you in the middle of the night:

“Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika”—for those who love spicy food

Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika, which literally means Mrs. Andika’s Spicy Rice, offers spicy dishes which, perhaps, only caters those who have the strong stomach.

Other than the usual home-cooked style dishes, this place serves some unusual treats that are the guests’ faves. The favorite dishes in Ibu Andika’s are usus ayam (chicken intestine) and kulit ayam (chicken skin). Opens for 24 hours, Ibu Andika’s is strategically located on Jalan Raya Kuta No. 100X, Kuta.


“Laota Tuban”—for the best rice porridge

Laota Tuban produces the best congee or rice porridge in Bali with reasonable price. A bowl of plain porridge only costs around IDR14,5000. If you want to try other kinds of congee—chicken, shrimp, eel, or frog (yes, frog)—you just need to pay some more.

However, this Chinese-food restaurant also serves other kinds of dishes, such as cakwe (fried breadstick) and steamboat , a Chinese stew prepared with a simmering pot at the dining table. Opening 24 hours on Jala Raya Kuta No. 530, people never stop queueing to have a bite of Laota’s porridge, whether for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. But no worries, there are a lot of tables.


“Warung Lawar Kodi”—for a legendary Balinese cuisine

You can’t say that you’ve been to Bali unless you’ve tried “lawar.” This food is a mix of meat, vegetables, and coconut. In order to make it tastier, the butchered animal’s blood is added to lawar. So some of you will get a sense that you’re on one of Fear Factor’s episode when eating this Balinese traditional food. But with a delish taste.

Commonly there are two kinds of lawar; chicken and pork lawar. Warung Lawar Kodi which is located on Gang Harum No. 19, Jalan Sekuta, Sanur, offers chicken, pork, and mixed lawar.The price starts from IDR25,000.


Soto Ceker Barokah at Kuta Market—for street food lovers

Two terms need to be explained here. First, soto is an Indonesian traditional soup composed of broth, meat, and vegetables. It is so popular around the archipelago that every region has its own special kind of soto. Second, ceker literally means the sharp nails of chicken, swan, and many kinds of birds. But as time went by, the term has shifted and now people regard ceker as the whole foot of the birds. It’s chicken feet, that’s what it is. And ceker is also popular in Indonesia.

If you are staying in Kuta and hungry at night, try visiting Kuta Market to have a hot bowl of soto ceker at Soto Ceker Barokah. People who are not used to eating this kind of dish might at first think it is gross. But their perspectives usually change after having the first bite of ceker along with the aromatic soup. It is open till 2 am.


 “Bo$$man Burger”—for those who want to re-define burger

When eating at the world-renowned fast food restaurants has already bored you, it is time for you to go to Bo$$man Burger on Jalan Kayu Cendana No. 8B, Seminyak, to have a big chunk of its specialty: classic, juicy burgers. They name their foods uniquely. I bet you can’t help smiling while ordering dishes such as Al Capone and Notorious P.I.G? No wonder that even though established only around one year ago, it has already attracted food lovers and hipsters.

Serving food till the roasters cook-a-doodle-doing at 4 am, it caters mostly people starving after dancing in one of the cozy clubs in Seminyak. And the good news, you can also order it and have it delivered right to your door.

Selamat Makan (tengah) Malam! Or, have a nice supper!