The advancement of technology has done the working-class Earth dwellers, a big favor. It has released us from our cubicles, enabling us to work, as long as there’s an internet connection, from anywhere on Earth.

With this, the digital nomads were born. With only a laptop the digital nomads roam through the corners of the world, drifting the cosmic pasture while simultaneously looking for a place to finish their tasks. Apparently, they’ve chosen Bali.

To welcome the arrivals of the digital nomads in Bali, many cow-orking spaces—or the digital yurts—have been built, such as these six recommended ones:


Hubud was founded in 2013 by three fellow digital nomads who understand the culture of digital nomadism. So aside from the comfy, wooden coworking space in the heart of Ubud, Hubud is also equipped with intangible things which will help kickstart your enterprises—the value of community, connectivity, creativity, and conversation.

There are several membership plans you can choose at Hubud, namely Unlimited (IDR2,900,000), 100 hours (IDR1,800,000), 50 hours (IDR1,100,000), and 30 hours (IDR800,000). However, if you only need a space for a day, you are free to purchase a Day Pass for IDR220,000. (The Indonesian citizens are eligible for a 50% discount on any membership plan.) For further information, visit their website or go directly to Jalan Monkey Forest 88x, Ubud.

Dojo Bali

If you’re the kind of nomad who is a full-time surfer and part-time worker or entrepreneur, you’ll find no reason not to apply for a membership at Dojo Bali. The coworking space is only three doors down from the legendary Echo Beach, Canggu, and it is “a place to connect, work, collaborate, and surf.”

The pricing is competitive—the unlimited access costs you IDR2,900,000; 100 hours, IDR1,800,000; 50 hours, IDR1,100,000; 30 hours, IDR800,000; one day pass, IDR220,000. They have a 50% discount on all membership plans for Indonesian KTP holders. Dojo Bali is on Jalan Batu Mejan No. 88, Canggu.

Biliq Bali Cosharing Space


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It is impossible to get bored while working at Biliq Bali Cosharing Space. They have a spacious venue, indoor and outdoor. To refresh your mind as well as extracting the juice of creativity from your head, Biliq Bali throws various events, such as coffee appreciation class, SEO workshop, or free pancake night.

An unlimited membership at Biliq Bali will only cost you IDR1,900,000 per month; 10 Days membership, IDR1,200,000 per month; 5 Days IDR650,000 per month. If your schedule is flexible, you are free to purchase Flexi for IDR500/minute. Show your Indonesian ID card or KITAS to get a slightly cheaper price. Want to learn more about Biliq Bali? Pay them a visit on Jalan Yudistira No. 3A, Seminyak.



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Early bird gets the worm! Looking for the perfect workspace in Canggu? Our ONE PASS membership gets you access to ALL THREE of our workspaces: Canggu, Ubud, and Phnom Penh (the perfect visa run location? Just sayin’.)! . Why Outpost? We could tell you it’s the battle-tested wifi, the bright spaces, and the variety of workzones… but actually it’s the peeps: our creative, big-thinking, wild-dreaming, work-hard-play-hard peeps. They (you!) are the ones who make our spaces the place to be to build your dreams. . Not sure if we’re the right fit? Pop by for a free tour at any of our coliving or coworking locations and get the low down. #livetheworld #destinationoutpost . . . . . . . . . #wanderers #travellust #travellog #travellifestyle #neverstoptraveling #travelingram #travellingram #roamtheworld #travelingpost #travellerslife #wanderingsoul #adventurelife #wanderful #starttheadventure #cowork #bali #coworking #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurtips #digitalnomadgirls #digitalnomad #nomadlife #mytravelgram #instapassport

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Experiencing Outpost living is perhaps experiencing the industrial-revolution-4.0-version of the nomadic way of life. It is not merely a place for working, but also a place for living and enjoying life—a holistic nomadic experience. This chain “nomadic-housing-complex” has two “posts” in Bali, one in Canggu and the other in Ubud.

Outpost has two kinds of membership plans, namely Home & Workspace (if you want to stay as well as using the workspace) and Workspace Only (if you feel like staying somewhere else). Learn more about Outpost at the website.

District Bali

Nothing is more stimulating for one’s creativity than a scenic view and good food. District Bali on Jalan Raya Pantai Berawa No. 9090 has both of them, as it overlooks a stretch of paddy-field and is equipped with a resto-cafe whose menu will completely fulfil your thirst and hunger.

District Bali offers a list of membership packages which is less pricey than any other coworking spaces in Bali, from 1 Month Unlimited (IDR1,650,000), 1 Week Unlimited (IDR660,000), 1 Day Unlimited (IDR110,000), etc. Although it is open only from 8 am to 10 pm, you can work through the night if you arrive before closing.

KE(M)BALI Innovation Hub

KE(M)BALI is more than a coworking space. It is a hub which tries to connect professionals from many lines of works, a perfect place to seek for partners to collaborate. KE(M)BALI wants to “to bring Bali and Indonesia to be the launchpad for creators to lead the change and making the world a better place.”

It offers various packages and membership plans, from Unlimited Monthly (IDR2,300,000), Unlimited Weekly (IDR1,000,000), Flex 40 (IDR900,000), Flex 20 (IDR500,000), Day Pass (IDR150,000), to Hourly (IDR30,000). There are substantial discounts for Indonesian ID card, KITAS, and KITAP holders. Visit KE(M)BALI Innovation Hub on Jalan Sunset Road No. 28, Seminyak.

Those six featured, recommended coworking spaces are only a few. There are more of them waiting to be reviewed. Bali is a hundred-percent ready to embrace the arrival of the digital nomads from around the globe, including you, perhaps.