The gravity of Kuta and Canggu is so dense that sometimes we are unaware there are also things beyond them which are no less awesome. A stone’s throw away—much many stone’s throws away actually—south from Kuta, you’ll get to a lovely region called Uluwatu. As home to countless tourist attractions, Uluwatu offers myriads unforgettable stunts and activities, such as:

Exploring GWK Cultural Park


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Good morning from Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue! Did you know? The statue and pedestal is 120,9 meters high with a width of 64 meters thanks to Garuda wingspan. Tag your photo here and we will repost it! . . . Selamat pagi dari Patung Garuda Wisnu Kencana! Tahukah Anda? Patung dan alasnya setinggi 120,9 meter dengan lebar 64 meter berkat lebar sayap Garuda. Tandai foto Anda di sini dan kami akan memposting ulang! ———- Photo credit by: @khairulazmas . . . #gwk #gwkculturalpark #gwkbali #gwk2019 #explorebali #bali #culturalpark #wonderfulindonesia #beautifuldestination #gwkculturalparkbali #amazingplace #visitbali #amazingpictures #destinationbali #travelpostdaily #baliholiday #gwkbali2019 #discoverbali #balineseculture #garudawisnukencana

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What puts GWK Cultural Park into the spotlight is the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue. Towering to 120m and divided into 24 segments, the statue is so colossal that it could be seen without binoculars from the waiting room of Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is higher than the Jesus of Rio de Janeiro and the statue of Liberty.

Although you are welcome to spend a whole day in the vicinity, the best time to explore GWK Cultural Park is during the golden hours before sunset. The slanted ray of yellow light will shine upon the statue and the carved-limestone wall surrounding area, leaving you speechless and moved. The entrance ticket price starts at IDR110,000/person.


Visiting the Uluwatu Temple

What is more life-changing than seeing people pray to gods at the world’s end? Well, you’ll get to see such heartwarming a view at Uluwatu Temple, which perches by a cliff in the southernmost part of the Island of Gods. The temple is easy to find, as it is situated by the end of the road in Bukit Peninsula.

The area around the temple is also home to hoards of macaques which have been living quite peacefully with a human since god knows when. The sunset here is beyond words. When the weather is clear nothing will get between you and the sun except for the distant horizon. Anyhow, since it is a sacred place, it would be respectful if you wear proper clothing. The ticket is IDR30,000 for adults and IDR20,000 for kids.


Watching Kecak Fire Dance


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One of the strangest shows I’ve ever witnessed… Totally enjoyed the experience! The Kecak fire show at Pura Luhur. #kecakdance #puraluhur #uluwattu #bali

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There are two ways to enjoy the magical sunset in Uluwatu. First, you can merely sit or stand solemnly by the cliff of Uluwatu and, secondly, you can gaze at it while watching the iconic Kecak Fire Dance. If you choose the latter, your visiting Uluwatu Temple’s gonna be more memorable.

Kecak Fire Dance is held daily at 6 pm and lasts for about an hour. It will cost you IDR100,000. The dance, which tells the story of the prince of the Ayodhya Kingdom, Sri Rama, is quite colossal as it is performed by 75 people. Watching Kecak Fire Dance during the last minutes of the golden hours is going to be a story to tell.


Enjoying the private beach at Thomas Beach

Halfway between Padang-Padang and Uluwatu, you’ll come across a relatively unknown beach named Thomas Beach. A long stretch of white sand hugged by the surreal aquamarine shoal, the beach is an Instagram material.

Away from tourist attention, Thomas Beach enables you to take a glimpse of the shoreline of Bali before being exposed to the world. You can rent a parasol for IDR50,000 per day and enjoy your day doing whatever activity you desire.


Surfing at Dreamland Beach

Although most of the tourist going to Dreamland Beach simply want to enjoy a scenic scenery, Dreamland is actually a surf spot. It is a perfect place for the beginners who have just mastered basic surfing skills in Kuta Beach to level up.

To get to Dreamland Beach you must make your way through the villas of Pecatu before walking down some hundred meters to the sand. The parking ticket is IDR20,000 for cars. If you ride a scooter, you’d only have to pay less than that.


Paragliding at Nyang-Nyang Beach

Are you up for some stunts? If yes, make your way to Nyang-Nyang Beach to go paragliding. As your feet leave the ground, you’ll get to see one of the most spectacular scenery you’ll ever see in your life—the white sand, the green woods, and the blue ocean smeared with white coming from the breaking waves.

 If you want to try paragliding but you don’t have any experience—let alone the flying license—you needn’t worry. You can go in tandem with a professional paraglider who will ensure that you’ll land in one piece.


Catching the sunset at Sunset Point Uluwatu


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es sunset

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The view from the outdoor venue of Sunset Point Uluwatu is quite stunning. Besides the horizon and, of course, the sun, you’ll get to see hundreds of surfers making their way through the waves.

Sunset Point Uluwatu is the perfect place to have a chill sunset-gazing moment with friends while having a bottle of cold beer and meaningful conversations. If you were by yourself, you could just immerse into the well-curated music. Sunset Point is situated at Pecatu and is open every day from 8 am to 10 pm.


Wait no more. Head south to Uluwatu!