As one of the best tourist destinations, it seems only natural that Bali is always in the eye of the media from all around the globe. Once in a while, they do some research and come up with a list of the best tourist attractions. Although the methods are questionable, the lists, however, are quite useful for planning a Bali trip.

This early September,, obviously an Australian media as you can see on the “au” behind the “com,” has released a list of best beaches to visit in Bali. It features eight beaches. Some of them might be familiar to you, but some others are not really spoken by tourists. And here they are:

Kuta Beach, Badung


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It would be improper to exclude Kuta, the great-great-grandfather of tourist attractions on the Island of the Gods, from the list of the best beaches in Bali. Despite complaints arising about the management of Kuta Beach these days, the beach is still beautiful. The wave still attracts beginner surfers, the sunset still appeals to tourists, and the clubs are still full of clientele.

Other than its physical appearance, what makes Kuta interesting is that the area can cater to all kinds of tourists, from those who stay at the 5-starred hotel to those looking form budget hostel.

Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan


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Mushroom Bay #mushroombay #nusalembongan #bali #indonesia #mavicpro #dji #instagram

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Only half an hour ride by fast boat from Sanur, you’ll get to one of the satellite islands of Bali, Nusa Lembongan. Covered with limestone sand and surrounded by crystal clear ocean, Nusa Lembongan is full of the beautiful white-sanded beach. Among those beaches, Mushroom Bay is arguably one of the best beaches in Nusa Lembongan Island.

As it is situated in a relatively deserted island, Mushroom Bay is definitely not so crowded as Kuta. It is a small beautiful beach surrounded by a small, protective bay. The ocean water of Mushroom Bay is great for not only for swimming but also snorkelling.

Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida

It is also impossible not to include Kelingking Beach from the list as it is practically everywhere on the Internet. However, due to its ever-increasing popularity, the beach is always full during the high season. Tourists from all around the globe will queue for hours on a dirt path only to have less than five minutes chance to take several photographs.

Kelingking Beach is not situated on the mainland of Bali. You need to cross the strait to the nearby Nusa Penida island, either with a fast boat from Sanur or Benoa or slow ferry from Padangbai harbour. You can rent a scooter in the mainland and bring them to the island on the ferry.

Karma Kandara, Bukit Peninsula


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Weekends down south at beautiful Karma Beach @karmabeachclubs #KarmaBeachBali #ExperienceKarma

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Karma Kandara beach is the front yard of a luxurious resort named, well, Karma Kandara. It is perhaps rather hard to determine which factor is more likely to attract billionaires to Karma Kandara: the beauty or the price.

Nestles on Bukit Peninsula, the beach is rather far from crowded tourist spots. If you are seeking inner peace, perhaps you’ll find it here. However, you won’t need to stay at Karma Kandara to enjoy the beach, because the resort provides a day pass for the non-guest visitors.

Keramas Beach, Gianyar


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The wonder of Keramas Beach lies not on the colour of the sand but on the fast wave. That’s why, instead of common tourists, Keramas beach attracts tanned-surfers who only want one thing in their life: to dance on their surfboards.

Keramas Beach is situated on the eastern part of Bali, in the regency of Gianyar. Although the name is not as popular as Kuta or Padang Padang or Dreamland, it is hard to miss the beach as it stretches just by the highway of Ida Bagus Mantra.

Geger Beach, Nusa Dua


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Geger Beach is a wallpaper-material beach in Nusa Dua which is famous after King Salman of Saudi Arabia stayed at one of the resorts around the area.

The sand is unbelievably white and the ocean is accented with the whole gradation of blue. On the water, thanks to the wave of the ocean, the anchored boats are swaying like a hula-hula dancer. You can stay here all day long and sunbathe until you get suntanned.

Double Six, Seminyak

Feeling like watching the sunset but you have no idea where to go other than Kuta? Well, grab your scooter and headed out to Double Six. As you arrive at Double Six, you can choose among the cafes and clubs and have a seat at one of the colourful beanbags while sipping a bottle of cold beer.

If you have a frisbee, find someone and play catch with him or her. Do not hesitate to join the locals to play soccer. But if you’re looking for a stunt, you can pay a visit to the nearby stable and ride of the horses.

Green Bowl, Ungasan


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When the ocean calling you, just chill out and play with them until sunset take you home

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Due to its wonderful breaks, Green Bowl is more popular among the surfers than the general tourists. To get to the beach you need to stroll down a long winding stairway which is easy to walk through on the way down and pretty hard to climb on the way up.

Green Bowl is fun for a picnic. You can stretch a table cloth and sit there sunbathing or enjoying the scenery or reading your favourite paperback. As there is no public transport to the Green Bowl, you need to bring your own scooter.

So are you agree with the list of beautiful beaches composed by above?

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