We have previously featured 8 Instagrammable places that bring you back to nature. If you had already visited all, perhaps you could go to these other 9 Instagrammable spots:

Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud

One of the most authentic characteristics of the Balinese is they can live in harmony with nature. Long before the Kyoto Protocol was ratified, the Balinese had already conserved the oxygen, namely by appointing certain location to be a sacred area.

The Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud is one of them. Located in the heart of touristic Ubud, this place preserves countless giant trees where the monkeys live.

Cekingan Rice Terrace, Gianyar

Initially, the lovely terraced paddy field was not for the tourists. It was built by the farmers merely to be able to plant rice in sloped grounds. As time goes by the tourists find this place appealing.

Now it’s one of the tourism icons in Bali and always packed with people who want to see the legendary rice field with their own eyes.

Gunung Payung Beach, South Kuta

Though only 4,5 kilometers away from Pandawa Beach, Gunung Payung is still quite unpopular among domestic tourists. No wonder the stretch of white sandy beach is still as clean as the new bed sheet of a 5-star hotel.

To get there, you have to walk down the concrete stairway from which you can gaze at the beautiful ocean. Don’t forget to take the picture of the green savanna that you’ll encounter along the way.

Pura Gunung Kawi, Gianyar


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Gunung Kawi🗿 – королевские гробницы высотой в несколько метров высеченные прямо в скале😱 Это необычное захоронение находится в овраге к которому нужно преодолеть 300 с лишним ступенек по крутым склонам🤪 По сути кладбище 🧟‍♂️ которое в свою очередь является безумно живописным местом✨Рисовые поля, буйство зелени со свисающими лианами, бурчащей речкой с мостиком и небольшими водопадами, храм и места для медитации💆🏼‍♀️В трипэадвайзере Гунунг Кави записано как «место силы»🙏🏻 Что оно такое мы так и не поняли😅, но сегодня наконец-то увидели Бали таким,каким мы его представляли🌺🤗Мы остались в полном восторге несмотря на жару и нелегкий подъем обратно☺️

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Pura Gunung Kawi has been renowned for quite a long time. It is quite popular among tourists. In fact, years ago it was highlighted on a legendary movie: Baraka.

Getting there is a piece of cake, though you have to hike a little bit to get to the main attraction. All you have to do is following the main roads of Kintamani-Ubud. Around an hour drive, you’ll spot a sign leading to the temple. Just follow the road, park your scooter, hike a bit, and you’ll get to one of the most beautiful temples in Bali.

Rumah Pohon, Tulamben


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Find your happy place and here’s one for the bucket list if you are in Nusa Penida Island! 🌴🙂 . M o l e n t e n g T r e e H o u s e . . Photo courtesy Photo location : Molenteng Tree House, Pelilit, Tanglad, Nusa Penida . . Bali has always have new discoveries and new spots to go everytime. In Nusa Penida, this new spot called Molenteng Tree House has been popular among social media sites. The place is actually at Atuh Beach, one of the famous panoramic beach at cliffside. There is a tree house here where you can climb up the stairs to see several islands separated by the ocean from the top. . . Book your trip to Nusa Penida Island with us and don’t forget to use while in Bali 😠😐 😆😗 😕😲 #holiday #instatravel #travelingram #paradise #traveller #travelblogger #exploreindonesia #travelpics #mytripmyadventure #denpasar #folkindonesia #lingkarindonesia #instavacation #thebalibible #explorelombok #uluwatu #tanahlot #balibible #balidaily #tabanan #writetotravel #jalan2terus #thebaliguideline #kompasnusantara #baliholiday #balicili #travelbook #lembongan #indonesialebihkece #balitour 😶😒 😉😦 😵😠 😮😛

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Between your scuba diving sessions in Tulamben, Karangasem Regency, you can go to Rumah Pohon Tulamben (Tulamben Tree House) in Batudawa Village, Kubu. Since it is situated at the foot of Mount Agung, the view is amazing.

Here’s a fun fact about this attraction: it is, in fact, a private property. However, seeing that people keep coming, the owner decides to open it to the public. No wonder the ticket is only IDR 10K.

Rumah Bambu Pengalon, Karangasem

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Initially built as a venue for an art festival—which was sadly canceled—Rumah Bambu Pengalon (Pengalon Bamboo House) in Karangasem Regency has been abandoned ever since. It’s only a matter of time that the bamboo structure complex will be taken over by nature.

Although some installations have already ruined, it’s still worth a visit. Rumah Bambu Pengalon is located in Banjar Pengalon, Antiga Village, Manggis District.

Pura Lempuyang, Karangasem


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Perching on top of Mount Lempuyang, Karangasem Regency, 2-hour ride from Denpasar, this temple is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Bali these days. Perhaps it can only be rivaled by the Little Finger Beach in Nusa Penida. (Yes, the cape which looks like a T-rex.)

When the sky is clear you can see the pointed peak of Mount Agung between the gates of Pura Lempuyang. To get the best experience, go there during the dry season.

Pulau Seribu and Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida


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Chase the unknown! 🔅

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Since these places are quite remote, only avid travelers have the guts to visit Pulau Seribu and Atuh Beach. To get there, you must take a ferry for a couple of hours to Nusa Penida before continuing the journey by riding a scooter through bumpy roads.

Pulau Seribu, consisting of several small limestone islands, is next to Atuh Beach. It is possible to visit Atuh Beach straight after going to Pulau Seribu. Spending a night on the beach will be once in a lifetime experience.

Batur UNESCO Global Geopark

Everybody falls in love with the scenic Batur, including the assessors of UNESCO who appointed this area as UNESCO Global Geopark in 2012.

The best time to visit Batur Geopark is in the morning. The mists and the clouds are still lingering around the rim of Batur Crater, floating above the crescent-like Lake Kintamani. Slowly, the sun rises, shining every sleeping object to wake them up. It’s only around 2-3 hours ride from Denpasar.

So which one do you want to visit first?