Some travellers go to Bali to find their long lost inner peace. They visit ashrams or yoga houses in Ubud, they stay at quiet villages or bungalows at deserted beaches. However, some other visit the island to try adrenaline-pumping activities like the six listed below:

Ziplining with Abyss Zipline Ceningan

Abyss Zipline Ceningan will not only give you an unforgettable ziplining experience but also a crash course about the relativity. For the onlookers, your ziplining will only last around two minutes. But for you, it will be like an endless sojourn through the infinity.

The best time to go ziplining is when the weather is clear. As you zip down over the small bay on the corner of Nusa Ceningan, from a dizzying angle you’ll get to see the surreal scenery of the frenzied Indian Ocean wave hitting the limestone cliffs. When your feet eventually touch the ground, you’ll find yourself enlighted—and salty. Here’s the best part: you only have to pay IDR100K for this!

Cliff-jumping at Mahana Point


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Around a 15-minute drive from the main street of Nusa Ceningan, you’ll get to a cliff edge. You’ll gonna think that you’ve arrived at the world’s end. But it’s not. You’ll spot two diving boards. One of them is positioned 10m above sea level and the other one is only 5m high.

The adrenaline will rush from the gland as you see many people jumping from the diving board. You’ll take off your t-shirt, queue, and—while discreetly sweating—dive to the blue ocean. A moment later your head will emerge from the water. You’ll smile, the happiest smile after a long long while. But you won’t back to your hotel, because you want to jump some more.

Pumping the A-gland with Sea Breacher

If you were looking for a soothing sensation, you could go snorkelling or scuba diving. There are many spots in Bali where you can encounter the jaw-breaking coral-reef gardens and fish. But if you were after an adrenaline-pumping experience, you’d prefer riding Sea Breacher.

Basically, the Sea Breacher is a banana boat without a tug boat. Yet, instead of doing standard moves, it will perform extreme stunts such as somersaulting mid-air and submerging to the ocean in high-speed. It may be cute in appearance, but it is as powerful as a jet fighter. Curious? Learn more about it by visiting Serangan Water Sport on Jalan Tukad Punggawa, Serangan, Denpasar.

Getting high with 5GX Reverse Bungy Kuta

Reverse bungy is quite different than the regular bungee jumping. To go reverse bungy jumping you needn’t go to New Zealand and find a deserted bridge. All you have to do is visiting 5GX Reverse Bungy Kuta.

As you’re launched, bouncing up and down following the gravity, you’re gonna feel like your soul is scattered. If you’re not sure you can handle that kind of sensation, perhaps Reverse Bungy is not for you.

Flying with Benoa Flyboard Bali

Have you ever wondered how it feels to fly like a superhero? Now, while in Bali, you can do much more than wondering. There’s an adrenaline pumping activity which pretty much resembles the way the superheroes fly: flyboarding. Basically, flyboard is like a hoverboard. But, instead of a concrete road, you will fly over a fluid ocean.

In Tanjung Benoa, the instructors of Benoa Flyboard Bali will be glad to teach you how to “fly” with a flyboard. It is not so hard as it seems. After trying for fifteen minutes over the water, you’ll be able to control the flyboard and perform some basic stunts. So are you up to flyboarding?

Canyoning in North Bali

Surrounded by mountains, it seems only natural that North Bali has all kinds of rivers. Some of them are accessible by raft or canoe while the others—the narrow, steep, and rocky ones—can only be travelled by doing some canyoning.

Canyoning is even more exciting than rafting as it requires you to perform some dangerous stunts like rappelling. Since it is rather technical, you must refresh your basic mountaineering skills before going canyoning. But if you have none to recall, the operator will be jubilant to teach you some basic techniques.

Tempting, aren’t they?