Bali has many unique traditions, this one, is on top of the list. The omed omedan is a Balinese Kissing ritual that is over 100 years old.

Like many other celebrations, Omed Omedan is an annual event, held after Nyepi day (Balinese New year).

The celebration occurred in the Sesetan Village, in Denpasar. In Balinese, the word “Omed Omed” means “pull and pull.” The event is essentially a kissing ritual between the boys and girls of the village. It is also considered to be how young singles in the village meet.

The event kicks off with a blessing for the New Year. Once the prayers have been conducted, boys and girls from the village are divided into two groups—separated by facing each other. At a signal from the leaders, both sides approach each other, and participants start to “pull and pull,” hug and kiss. The spectacle is both exciting and funny. While the boys and girls are kissing and hugging, the crowds pour buckets of water to the participants. According to the locals, the spiritual aspect of this ritual is that the pull and pull represent the taking of positive energy and the letting out the negative energy. Some have also said that the ceremony have become a successful platform for the singles to find their future partner.

In Balinese culture, you can find many ceremonies and events which are spectacular to see. Many have become famous all around the world, but if you look deep into each village, you can find a culture that is unique to Bali. Omed Omedan is a good example of this. Travel to the Sesetan village and join the celebration of Love, a must see event when you are in Bali!