Cultivating Cross Cultural Relationships: Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach Arts Festival is an effort to raise creative activities for the coastal community, especially in North Kuta, with regards to cross cultural relationships.

Happening 22 February – 25 February.

It gives spaces for any transformation and creative innovation in both personal and communal expression.
Through this experience, the community is encouraged to be able to develop their potentials and also to promote the tourism destination by showcasing the local wisdom of the coastal culture. Moreover, by delivering the unique arts and cultural expositions of Indonesian Artists and Performers, it is expected that the cultural and community based tourism will preserve their identity in the modernity package while driving through the Globalization.

This Festival is held by Tibubeneng Village of North Kuta, Badung Regency – Bali.
The Head of the Village sees the potentials of his village and eager to develop them further.
It is also considered as a mean to promote this already Global Village as a tourism destination with its own unique character.
We hope you have lots of inspiring and wonderful moments with us at the Festival!