The Island of the Gods not only offers the beauty of nature but also abounding in art and culture. One of them is the Balinese dance. Balinese dance is known for its captivating dynamic movements. When you watch a Balinese dance, you will see how the dancer performed the dance. From the eyes, the smile, until the movements of the hands and feet look very comprehensive and beautiful. This makes Balinese dance so amazing. FYI, learning Balinese dance is not easy. There are several basic movements such as “agem”, facial expressions when dancing need a gradual process to learn. Wow, after knowing this, you will certainly be more impressed to Bali dancers, aren’t you? Do you want to know more about the captivating Balinese dance? Bali Go Live has packed it in our video.

Legong Saba Dance

Initially, Legong Dance originated from Sukawati village, Gianyar. Then it developed and this dance inspired the arrangement of the Legong Saba Dance. Legong Saba dance is very famous to foreign countries because of the attractiveness of the dance movement.

Jauk Manis Dance

This dance is danced individually and included in the category of entertainment dance. Jauk Manis dance is identical to the use of white masks on dancers with more flexible movements. Jauk Manis dance tells of an authoritative leader who can protect his people.

Tari Baris Gede

Baris Gede Dance is one of the sacred dances in Bali. Why? Because this dance can only be performed during religious ceremonies. This dance is conducted massively by adult men.

Kecak Rina Dance

Kecak Rina Dance is a contemporary dance from the Kecak Dance. For Ketut Rina, the Kecak Dance is not only a dance to ward off evil spirits, but this dance also has a high quality of choreography. This is what makes Rina consistently teach the Kecak dance to the younger generation of children.

Yeah, after knowing about some of the dances, you would want to watch it in person. No worries, you just need to come to the Bali Art Festival 2019. Located at the Taman Budaya Art Center, every day for a month there will continue to be (read: performances) Balinese dance. In addition to performing arts, there are also typical Balinese culinary stands that must be tested one by one. So let’s hurry to PKB! See you there!