Exploring Bali in one day? Why not! Well, let’s start from the east. Starting from Penglipuran Village, you will feel antiquated of the Balinese atmosphere that is distant from the hustle of the downtown. The persistence of local people to preserve the authenticity of Penglipuran Village made this place even more interesting to visit. Then next, where do you go? Just watch our latest video! We present this itinerary idea in the hope your holiday in Bali will be so much memorable. One Day Trip Exploring Bali for your Holiday and Vacation! It will be a great time!

Penglipuran Village

There are some places that we gathered as our itinerary. You can make it for your holiday and vacation in a short time. We’ve been going to Penglipuran Traditional Village which is a truly traditional village of Bali that consists of the legacy from their ancestors. Well, you can study Balinese people with their daily activities here. It’s quite fun though. Therefore you should mingle with them.

The Mother Temple of Besakih

The next destination is the Mother Temple of Besakih. Every Balinese and Hinduism people in Indonesia know this place because it’s very holistic in Hinduism. Bali also has a regulation that banned all building which is higher than this temple. Well, you can see the reason why this regulation is very important. Besides that there’s a special pilgrimage site inside Besakih.

Royal Garden of Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga is our next destination. Known as Water Castle, this place was being a favorite spot for a prewedding photoshoot. Yup, but you can’t resist that there are some magical vibes around this place. Seems like you are in the middle of some kingdom. Don’t forget too feeds KOI fish in here!

Virgin Beach

Finally perfect spot for our trip is the water-crystal Virgin Beach in Karangasem. Best spot for snorkeling and diving. The peoples who live here are friendly and provide you any equipment for your activities on the beach. One of the finest beach in Bali

And we wrapped it in just one day. You can really make it happen if you’re going to Bali and have been running out of time to exploring the island.
Therefore, watch the video ’till the end and make sure to share it with your friends!