The beauty of the village of Penglipuran is the that it still remains untouchable by the modernization, here you will experience true Bali.

Located around 6 kilometer from the closest city Bangli or 1 kilometer from Kubu village and has a popluation of 700 inhabitants by the last census 199. Penglipuran village is a traditional village which has its own character, located in the Bangli Regency.

The surroundings of Penglipuran Village are Desa Khayan, Desa Gunaksa, Desa Kubu and Desa Ceking. These villages consists of one village and smaller parts in it. According to the mythology, the name of the Penglipuran Village came from “Pengeling Pura”, it means remember to ancestor. However, there is also telling that the word of Penglipur means the entertainer. It is said that at former empire era, the kings often used this area as a place for entertainment.