Sunset time and you don’t know where to go? Talking the charm of the island of the Gods is endless. As well as Bali has a perfect sunset spot that can complement your vacation. Then, where is the sunset spot? Calm down, Bali Go Live has collected it in our latest video. You can’t believe these places that we’ve caught before is wonderful! Here it is the perfect sunset spot in Bali

Amed Beach

Let us start it with Amed Beach! Best snorkeling spots on this island. And it’s very cheap if you want to try it. Amed beach has its own panoramic Seaview if you stay until sunset. Best place to spending sunset time. Therefore, you have to spend some times because this beach is little far from Denpasar, Seminyak and others.

Double Six Beach

Next is Double Six beach in the border between Seminyak and Canggu. Yes, we know its a mainstream choice, but who cares? This sunset spot has a stunning scenic sunset view. Because you are surrounded by colorful umbrellas! Besides that you can play same volley ball with the locals here.

Yeh Leh Beach

Move northern to Yeh Leh beach in the middle of Jembrana and Tabanan. Not as popular as the beach above, but it’s the beauty of this beach. Sunset is all about you gathered with yourself. Yeah, a perfect place for me-time or maybe private time with your partner or lover.

Sunset Hill Bukit Asah

Sunset Hil Bukit Asah is known as a campsite. It’s true, you can rent a tent here and have a stay for a night or more. So peaceful and quiet. There’s a small island called Whale Island or “Pulau Paus” by the locals. Have a campfire or barbeque will be nice right?

Melasti Beach

The final sunset venue is Melasti Beach in Uluwatu. Traditional Ceremonies happen here regularly. But besides that, you can enjoy a perfect sunset and nice attractions like surfing and snorkeling on this beach. Big cliff and rocks surrounding the gate to entered this beach. Finally, you will see those magnificent oceant view in front of the cliff.

Let’s watch the video to the end, and don’t forget to share it with your travel mate! There are a lot more magnificent places in Bali for you to visit!