One of the most awaited annual events, the 41st Bali Arts Festival 2019 will begin soon. This cultural festival is not only a wait for the local community but also nationally, even overseas. The artists practised for months to show their best performances. All districts and cities in Bali participated in this grand event. For one full month, from June 15 to July 13, 2019, the Bali Arts Festival will be held. Well, the program starts with the opening march of the Bali Arts Festival. The parade will take place in front of the Bajra Sandhi Renon Monument, Denpasar.

Mr President Joko Widodo will open the parade of the 41st Bali Arts Festival 2019. Balinese people should be proud because Mr President is very fond of this annual cultural festival, and always supports this event.

Moreover, Bali Go Live with honoured announces that this year we will have the opportunity to show LIVE STREAMING the opening parade of the 41st Bali Arts Festival 2019 which will be held on June 15th. Thus people who cannot watch live on site can be satisfied to watch it through our social media platform. In addition, for Balinese people who are on a wanderer, they can also treat their homesickness by watching LIVE STREAMING from Bali Go Live.

However, before we come on an opening day, let’s watch the excitement of the opening The 40th Bali Arts Festival 2018 march on our latest video!

Don’t miss this art event, a variety of cultures from 9 regencies in Bali will present their best performances. Want to know more about this event? Stay tuned on at #BaliGoLive!

Check the full schedule and the location of Bali Arts Festival – PKB 2019 here