Happy Sunday guys! Any plan to spend your Sunday? If nope, Bali Go Live has a new video that receives the most favourite beaches according to the Australian. Wow, it proves that our beaches are the coolest, don’t you agree? And you might find your fav beach thru this video.

–     Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach the most visited busiest beach in Bali and also a paradise for those of you who are beginners to surfing. This beach is even more popular the Bali itself, people all around the world knows Kuta beach, and you’re one of them, right? Haha. The best time to come here is in the morning so you can enjoy the morning wave while sitting on the soft white sands of Kuta Beach.

–      Kelingking Beach

Located in Bunga Mekar Village in Nusa Penida, Kelingking Beach is one of the most iconic and recognizable tourist attractions in all of the Nusa Island. Also known as The T-Rex Bay of Bali because of the unique formation resembles the shape of a T-Rex head. Being framed by the cliff and deep turquoise blue waters with a hint of the colours of the sand make the view from above even incredible to see. You can go down the hidden beach and you do not worry because there’s a path that goes down straight to the beach.

–      Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach is a small part of Seminyak Beach. It has a beautiful scene of vibrant beach life along Seminyak Beach. You can experience so many things here, like horse riding on the seashore and there is so many beach bar along the line of the street. One of the perfect beach to enjoy Bali’s sunset while hanging out with your friends.

–      Green Bowl Beach

If you decided to come here then you have to get ready to go down the 328 steps of stairs to get to the beach, but it will all paid off by the view you’re about to see here. A remote beach with pristine water and two large limestone caves are ready to greet you. If you’re a fan of adventurous, uncrowded and exotic beach than this beach will be your favourite

Have you watched the video ’till the end? Now and tell us which beach is your favourite!



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