As the best place to celebrate the sea, sun, and sand, it is only natural that Bali has plenty of snorkelling spots. Some of them are situated on the mainland, the rest of them are spread around the beautiful surrounding islands. Among many snorkelling spots, here are seven of the greatest snorkelling spots in Bali:

Tulamben—USAT Liberty Wreck

Literally a stone’s throw away from the rocky beach of Tulamben, Karangasem Regency, around two and a half-hour ride from Denpasar, you’ll get to one of the best dive spots in Bali: USAT Liberty Wreck. Although the best way to explore the wreck is by scuba diving, you might as well just snorkel as the highest point of the wreck is only around five-meter deep.

Before going to the wreck, it is recommended that you acquire skin diving or freediving skills beforehand so you can go closer to the wreck. If it was your lucky day, you would get a chance to swim right in the middle of fish schooling. The best months to go snorkelling at USAT Liberty are April-June and October-November.

Amed—The Crystal Clear Water


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One-hour drive south from Tulamben, you’ll get to a village called Amed. As with Tulamben, the shoreline of Amed consists of gravels instead of sands. And, again, as with Tulamben, there’s no need for you to hire a boat to the snorkelling spots as they are situated just by the beach.

The shoreline of Amed is full of mackerels, mahi-mahis, and dolphins. More interestingly, Amed has a unique underwater attraction, namely the underwater mailbox. You can buy a waterproof postcard on land and go free-diving to put it on the box!

Nusa Penida—Snorkeling with the Mantas at Manta Point


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One of the best snorkelling experience is when you get a chance to swim near the schooling of the manta ray. You’ll get a sense that you’re flying, as the mantas will look like birds on their way to migrate to some foreign regions to avoid winter. Good news is, you can get such experience in Bali as Nusa Penida has a spot where you can have a rendezvous with the mantas: Manta Point.

To get to Nusa Penida, you can catch a fast boat at Sanur or Tanjung Benoa, or big public ferry at Padang Bai. From Nusa Penida, you can rent a boat or join a tour which will take you to the Manta Point. The best time to go snorkelling at Manta Point is between May and November.

Nusa Lembongan—Beautiful Coral Gardens


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Nusa Lembongan is surrounded by beautiful coral gardens situated only several meters from the shore. Two of the most beautiful coral gardens in Nusa Lembongan are Mangrove Point and Mushroom bay. To get to Nusa Lembongan, you can catch a fast boat from Sanur or Tanjung Benoa.

But if you only want to have a day trip, there are plenty of tours offering one-day snorkelling package which will transport you from the mainland in the morning and bring you back in the afternoon. 

Menjangan Island—Encountering Wild Sea Turtle


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Although it is more renowned as the honeymoon island, Menjangan Island does have a handful of dive and snorkelling spots. In fact, it is where the history of scuba diving in Bali started back then in 1978. One of the best attraction in Menjangan Island is the wild sea turtle.

While diving in Menjangan Island, you can have a look at one of the most magnificent sea creatures, wondering how many islands they have gone to or how many seas they have swum on. Menjangan Island is located in the area of Bali Barat National Park, several miles from the northern shore of Bali. 

Blue Lagoon—Learn Snorkeling 101


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If you have never had a snorkelling or diving experience, Blue Lagoon Padang Bai is one of the best places for you to learn how to snorkel. As there is basically nothing to see on the ocean floor except for the white sand, some coral reefs, and juvenile fish, you can concentrate on learning to breathe through your snorkel. Blue Lagoon is situated near the port of Padang Bai. From Denpasar, you only have to drive around 1 hour 15 minutes through Ida Bagus Mantra Highway. After having a snorkelling session, you can relax drinking cold drinks at the beachfront cafe.

Pemuteran—The Beauty of the Biorocks

At first, the bio rocks of Pemuteran were just the medium to grow coral reefs at the barren underwater floor of Pemuteran Beach. The biorock activist put some corral seeds at some kind of installation, charge it with electricity, and let the coral grow. As the coral reefs have now successfully grown, the biorock reefs of Peturan have become one of the best snorkelling spots in North Bali.

Pemuteran Beach nestles in North Bali,  only around one hour drive from the legendary Lovina Beach where you can meet the swimming dolphins and less than an hour drive from the port of Gilimanuk. 

So get your snorkelling gear!


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